Saint Louis University


In 2007, Cecelia and U.I. "Chick" Harris graciously donated this part of their extensive collection of presidential campaign memorabilia to the Saint Louis University Museum of Art. The sole restriction was that the collection be available to the metropolitan St. Louis community during a presidential election year. It is meant first to encourage participation in the political life of the nation and to encourage interest in history and the remarkable imagination of the American people.

The Harrises had been lifelong St. Louis residents and supporters of the Historic Samuel Cupples House on the campus of Saint Louis University. Their gracious donation allowed the complete renovation of the conservatory of the mansion and included the installation of a wheelchair lift as well as computer stations for patrons to enjoy various programs that highlight the Cupples House and the Cupples family.

Within the past five years, both Cecilia and "Chick" have passed away; however, their memory, as well as their legacy at Saint Louis University, will continue to live on through their many acts of kindness and generosity.


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