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B.S. in Nursing (Online RN to BSN Program)

The online RN to BSN program is designed to meet the needs of RNs who wish to complete the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, with the option of continuing the nursing degree program to earn a master's degree (MSN).

This SLU/Mercy Hospital partnership program is taught in an online cohort format, so students will be taking these courses online with other Mercy employees.

The nursing degree programs at SLU are available in both online and on-ground formats and are offered in partnership between the School for Professional Studies and the School of Nursing.

Unique features of this online RN to BSN program include:

  • No required testing to validate previous nursing degree program education.
  • Direct transfer of previous nursing education credit hours. Up to 38 credit hours of qualified diploma or associate nursing degree program courses may be awarded and applied towards the 60 nursing credit hours required for the BSN.
  • Easy transfer of previous college-level general education credit hours. Up to 64 credit hours may be awarded and applied toward the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing program.
  • A maximum of 9 semester hours of course work from an accredited bachelor's degree program in nursing may be accepted as baccalaureate-level nursing credit.
  • No more than two clinical nursing courses required. Number of required clinical hours are determined on an individual basis through evaluation of previous nursing experience. Up to ten hours may be awarded through portfolio review for experienced nurses.

Our Partnership for Nursing Degree Programs 
A student will need to apply and be admitted to the School for Professional Studies in accordance with SPS guidelines. To apply, complete the free Application for Admission. Select the Mercy Application when providing log-in information to access the application.

Students will then take up to 53 credit hours (depending on transfer credits) of SPS pre-nursing core courses. After SPS pre-nursing core courses are completed, the student will need to apply to the School of Nursing as a RN to BSN program major. After being accepted, the student will transfer to the School of Nursing to complete the remaining nursing major courses and elective courses to obtain their BSN degree.

Curriculum Overview for RN to BSN Program

Pre-Nursing Core Courses 59 Credits
ANAT 100 Basic Human Anatomy 3
BIOL 293 Introduction to Microbiology 3
CHEM 100 Basic Chemistry / or Physics I
CIS 295 Principles of Data Analysis 3
ED 120 Human Growth and Development or Life-Stage Psychology 3
ENGL 190 Advanced Strategies of Rhetoric and Research 3
PHIL 105 Intro to Philosophy & Logic 3
Any Philosophy or Theology 100 level or higher  3
PHIL 336 Medical Ethics 3
PPY 254 Human Physiology 4
PSYK 101 General Psychology 3
THEO 100 Theological Foundations / Any Theology   3
Any Literature course 200 or higher 3
Any Fine or Performing Arts course 100 level or higher 3
Any History course  100 level or higher 3
Any Social Science Course  100 level or higher 3
General or Nursing Electives 100 level or higher 9
Nursing Major Courses 64 Credits
NURS 380 Conceptual Framework for Practice 3
NURS 442 Public and Community Health Nursing 4
NURS 450 Leadership and Management 3
NURS 492 Community Health Project 2
NURS 470 Health Assessment for RNs 3
NURS 414 Research and Evidence Based Practice 3
NURS 487 Health Policy, Finance & Regulation 3
Credit by Examination
NURS 377 Essentials of Therapeutic Nutrition 3
Credit by Articulation  38
Any Nursing Elective course 400 or higher 2-3
Total 123 Credits
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