Saint Louis University

Students advised through Student Educational Services (SES) are expected to meet with their academic advisor regularly throughout the semester. At the third or fourth advising meeting, the student should come prepared to discuss pre-registration for the upcoming semester.

The pre-registration process includes:

  1. Scheduling appointments with your academic advisor.
  2. Determining which courses need to be completed for your degree program. Do this by checking requirements specified in the course catalog and determining which of the needed courses are offered in the next term by searching the class schedule.
  3. Completing a tentative schedule of courses and bringing it with you to each appointment (include the time and day of week, the CRN number for the course, and your major).
  4. Meeting with your faculty mentor (if applicable).
  5. Modifying your tentative schedule in consultation with your advisor, based on feedback from the faculty mentor.
  6. Being providing with a registration PIN by your advisor upon completion of course planning.
  7. Following the University's registration procedures to complete registration.

Student Registration Resources:

Web Portal for Advisor/Staff Registration Resources