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SES Advising Process

As part of the Student Educational Services (SES) advising process, students complete a number of activities during advising sessions throughout each semester. They also have the opportunity to discuss personal and academic concerns. 

Advising Activities by Semester

First Semester

  • Review Saint Louis University's official academic policies and procedures. 
  • Meet with assigned advisor at least two times per month (four times per month if on academic probation).
  • Pursue strategies for success by engaging with Student Success Center resources and completing a graduation plan, an academic contract and a time management assessment.
  • Complete a major confirmation form.
  • Begin the registration process.

Second Semester

  • Complete the same set of advising activities as the first semester. 
  • In addition, complete the intra-University transfer form (if applicable) and the change of advisor form.

Third Semester and Beyond

Students will transition into the advising unit within the school or college of their area of interest during their second academic year. At that point, SES becomes their secondary advising office.

As a secondary advising office, SES will continue to provide input on course selection and discuss academic and personal goals with students, along with any other matters impacting their academic progress.

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