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BSP Costs & Key Dates

BSP kicks off with JumpStart on Monday August 14, 2017, at 9am and culminates with the completion of the spring semester in 2018. As a result, BSP has a low cost structure since the cost is built into that for attending SLU, except for the 10-day JumpStart prior to Fall Welcome. For JumpStart, it is reasonable to budget for an average of $150-$300 (plus miscellaneous expenses, transportation, parking), depending on your current residence.

In terms of JumpStart housing, the cost depends on whether you are a "commuter". A commuter is one whose residential address is within 50 miles of campus. If you are a commuter and choose to stay in the residence hall for JumpStart, then the cost is $230 for double occupancy. This option may push one's costs towards $500.

BSP Jumpstart Cost Breakdown

Item Commuter* Not A Commuter* Commuter* Choosing to Live on Campus
Tuition Gift Gift Gift
Housing Residence Gift $230
Lunch Gift Gift Gift
Breakfast, Dinner
$6/meal, 10 days
(all you can eat)
$0-$120 $0-$120 $0-$120
BSP Materials ~$50 ~$50 ~$50
* A commuter is one whose residential address is within 50 miles of campus.
Plus transportation, parking, miscellaneous expenses, etc.

Sunday, August 13: Move-in for JumpStart begins at 9am

Monday, August 14: BSP kicks off with JumpStart at 9am

Monday, August 14 - 23: Jumpstart

Wednesday, August 23: JumpStart concludes and Fall Welcome begins with general move-in

Monday, August 28: Classes begin

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