Saint Louis University

WELCOME to the Billiken Success Program (BSP)!

This introduces you to the purpose, scope, and expectations for succeeding at Saint Louis University (SLU) through BSP. This is your on ramp to an exciting SLU experience. By participating in BSP, you get a JumpStart at SLU, succeed by implementing a structured learning plan tailored for you based on your skills, interests, and ongoing achievement. Your BSP success results from a collaborative effort led by you, the student, as you engage SLU resources, opportunities, and college life in consultation with your advocates.

BSP is a selective opportunity for less than 15% of prospective applicants. SLU has selected YOU because we are confident you have what it takes to succeed as a Billiken! The Office of Admission offers this opportunity for provisional admission to those whose application sparkles with Billiken promise, but is atypical in a meaningful way. This particular offer of admission is contingent upon your successful completion of BSP. Lastly, BSP's low cost structure means more students like you can join in!

BSP is a year-long program filled with enriching learning experiences that can benefit the successful Billiken through graduation and beyond. After each student completes BSP expectations, as addressed herein, the BSP alum matriculates into SLU with full admission as a second year student. In addition, the student's academic advising transitions to the area of their major. Meanwhile, in a supportive way, the BSP advisor continues with you through graduation. Please find an outline of BSP below.

JumpStart (10 days before Fall Welcome):
• Know your campus, advocates, and resources
• Make friends and have fun
• Assess skills and develop individualized plan
• Develop skills and learning strategies
• Launch your learning agreement and start your BSP portfolio

First Semester (Fall):
• English and Math courses with learning labs
• In-depth weekly academic advising
• Individualized development of skills, self-awareness, and strategies
• Peer mentoring

Second Semester (Spring):
• Update your learning agreement and BSP portfolio
• English stretch course
• In-depth academic advising (how often depends on your achievement)
• Learning activities, workshops, etc. (how often depends on your achievement)
• Peer mentoring
• Present your successful BSP portfolio

Third Semester - Graduation:
• Ongoing guidance and support through graduation

The BSP 2017 Program dates are August 13-22, 2017 and continues through the 2017-18 academic school year.

More Information to Come!