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We encourage you to continue to be proactive with your financial future. To assist you in this we have compiled a list of links that will help you create both a strategy for student loan repayment as well as your overall financial future. You may also want to view the pages on this site about loan repayment programs, consolidation and credit.  

AAMC’s FIRST for Residents:

Designed by the AAMC to assist medical professionals navigate the world of not only student debt but financial literacy as a whole.

AAMC Medloans Organizer and Calculator:

This is a helpful resource for organizing your student loans and evaluating your loan repayment options. To use this tool log in with your AAMC ID and password. 

Income Driven Repayment Plans:

These plans allow you to meet your monthly payment obligation by aligning your monthly payment with your level of income and family size.


A helpful site that has in depth information about Income Based Repayment Program and the Public Service Loan forgiveness Program.


Federal Student Aid Ombudsman:

The Ombudsman is your resource for assistance resolving disputes with you Federal Student Loan Lender(s) and servicer(s). 


Direct Loan Consolidation:
Your resource for information on federal loan consolidation.


A searchable database to help you locate funding opportunities for future career plans such as research

Federal Student Aid:

This is your resource to assist you with managing your student loans.

Your resource to your Free annual credit report

Federal Trade Commission:

Check out the FTC consumer's page to find out about your rights and responsibilities as a consumer.
Visit this site to stop receiving those annoying credit card offers, telemarketing calls and other direct marketing advertisements.