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Helpful Hints

  1. Plan Ahead: Become familiar with procedures, priority dates and deadlines.

  2. Apply Early: The best time to file the FAFSA for maximum consideration is between January 1 and early February. You do not need completed tax returns in order to file your FAFSA. It is better to file early with your best estimates (based on W2s and year-end earnings statements) than to file late with exact figures. Financial aid is awarded on a first-come first-served basis.

  3. Keep Records: Fill out forms carefully and keep copies for your records. Your admit packet or visit folder is a great place to store  these forms.

  4. Respond to Information Requests: Promptly reply to all requests from the office of student financial services for additional information.

  5. Reply on Time: The financial aid awarded to you has been temporarily reserved for you. Access MySLU to accept or decline your aid online. Failure to respond in a timely manner may result in the cancellation of your award.

  6. Re-Apply Each Year: Financial aid is not automatically renewed. You must file a FAFSA to be considered for financial aid each year. Check renewal requirements on all of your awards.

  7. Manage Debt Wisely: We highly recommend that you limit your borrowing to necessary educational expenses. Your professional counselors can help you develop a plan to pay for your education. 

  8. Special Circumstances: If you have special or unusual circumstances that you would like the office of student financial services to consider, go to our forms page or contact us for additional information.

  9. Investigate: What sources of financial aid are available outside of Saint Louis University? Check with your employer, the public library, and other organizations by using the Web.

  10. Ask Questions: Contact the office of student financial services with your questions or concerns.
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