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Paying Your Bill and Payment Plans

Making a payment, enrolling in a payment plan or establishing an authorized user

E-Bills and account activity may be viewed online through Saint Louis University's Payment Suite, accessed through (then the Tools tab).

Payments may be made online, via mail and in person.

Payment due dates are:   mySLU

  • Summer semester: June 2, July 1
  • Fall semester: Aug. 5, Sept. 1, Oct. 1, Nov. 2 and Dec. 1
  • Spring semester: Jan. 4, Feb. 1, March 1, April 1 and May 2

Initially, only a student can access his/her student account and E-Bill online. Parents, guardians and other third parties can only gain independent access to this information by being designated an authorized user by the student.

Late Payments:

Students enrolled in the payment plan with the enrollment fee will automatically be switched to the payment plan with the 1% interest charge if they are late making more than one payment. Interest charges and late fees will not be assessed until after September 1st for the fall semester.

Nonpayment on Account:

If any tuition, fees, or charges owed to the University are not paid as and when due, we reserve the right to withhold transcripts or diplomas related to your enrollment, cancel your enrollment for a current term, and/or registration for future terms. If you no longer plan to attend Saint Louis University, please contact the Office of the Registrar for an official withdrawal at 314-977-2269.

Payments online:

Log in to

Authorized User Access:

Students may establish authorized users such as parents, guardians and other third parties to access their student account and E-Bill independently of mySLU and Banner Self-Service.

1. Obtain your Password - Your password will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the student who registered you as an authorized user.
2. Access the Bill Payment Suite - Visit and log in using your e-mail address and password. Once there, you may view the student's E-Bill, make payments or enroll in a payment plan.

Payments via mail:
Mail your payment to:
Saint Louis University
Office of Student Financial Services
PO Box 790165
Saint Louis, Missouri 63179-0165

Please be sure to include the student Banner ID number on the check.

Payments in Person: Payments may be made directly to the Cashier located in DuBourg Hall, Room 4.

Payments via Wire Transfer: International payments may be made by wire transfer using peerTransfer.

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