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Student Information & Required Health Forms

Both current and new students who have decided to attend Saint Louis University must submit these important health forms to complete their enrollment:

  • Immunization record
  • Personal health history
  • Health insurance enrollment/ waiver

Click HERE to print the required health forms.

The Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire is included in this packet and required for all students on campus.

Student Immunization Record

  • Submitting a completed immunization record is required to enroll at Saint Louis University.  Specific requirements can be found here.

  • You should fill in your personal information and sign the authorization of release before giving the immunization record to your healthcare provider.

  • Please refer to the included list of immunizations (last page of packet) required by Saint Louis University to determine if you require any additional immunizations prior to submitting this form.

  • A physician must complete the remainder of the form and sign it

  • It is your responsibility to return the completed form to SLU by the appropriate deadline.


Personal Health History


  • Submitting a completed personal health history (included in above required health forms) is also required to enroll at SLU.

  • This form does not require a physician's signature and can be completed in its entirety by the student.

  • Meningitis Waiver
    • If you are a freshman who will be residing on campus, you must complete the meningococcal vaccination requirement either by providing documentation of vaccination or by completing the waiver section of the form indicating that you have received the information and have made the decision not to have the vaccination.  Please see additional information regarding the meningococcal vaccine. 


Enrolling In OR Waiving Health Insurance

Saint Louis University requires that all full-time Undergraduate and Graduate/Professional students have basic health insurance. Please research your alternatives immediately and choose to either waive or enroll in the UHP plan.

  • Option #1: We are pleased to provide the University Health Plan (UHP) as the default option for health coverage. The UHP partners with a broad network of medical providers and facilities. As well, nationwide pharmaceutical benefits are available through a number of pharmacy chains. You can find basic information about UHP benefits and enroll in the plan at
  • Option #2: If a student already has other (non-UHP) health insurance coverage in effect, then UHP coverage (and its associated charges) may be waived. If you choose to waive the UHP, you must go to to submit a waiver request.  Aetna Student Health is the UHP's administrative partner. Please have your insurance card and policy information available as you will be asked specific questions about your insurance coverage. You will receive a confirmation informing you if your request has been accepted or if further action is necessary to complete the waiver process. UHP waivers completed on-line are only applicable to the academic year in which they are submitted.
  • If you do not waive or enroll online, you will be automatically enrolled in the UHP.
  • Full refunds for billed premiums will not be issued after the end of the semester open enrollment period (September 30th for fall or February 14th for spring).


Submission Deadlines


  • Students who will begin their enrollment during the fall semester should submit their forms no later than August 1.

  • Students who plan to begin their enrollment during the spring semester should submit their forms no later than December 1.

  • Students who plan to begin their enrollment during the summer session should submit their forms no later than May 1.

  • Students are encouraged to submit the health insurance waiver form as soon as possible after deciding to attend SLU. Doing so ensures that students with coverage will not be billed for the University-sponsored health plan.


Returning Forms


  • Forms should be returned to Saint Louis University's Student Health Center at the address below:

Student Health Center
3518 Laclede Ave.
Marchetti Tower East
St. Louis, MO 63103
Fax: 314-977-7165

  • Please ensure that all supporting parts of the forms are included

  • Incoming students will also have an opportunity to submit their health forms at SLU101 orientation

  • You are encouraged to retain copies and documentation of your submission for your records

Checklist for New Students


  1. Waive or enroll in the University Health Plan (UHP) through Aetna.

  2. Investigate the UHP if out of state health insurance does not cover services at the Student Health Center.

  3. Receive Meningitis vaccine or sign Meningitis vaccine waiver acknowledging risks of not receiving the vaccine.

  4. Send completed and signed immunization record to the Student Health Center by the start of classes.

  5. If there are ongoing medical or mental health issues, let us assist you in your health maintenance plan. Give the Student Health Center a call prior to or at the beginning of the school year and make an appointment to see our providers.

  6. Questions? Visit our most Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common questions new students usually have.


Patient information forms: 


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