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Billikens After Dark is a late-night, alcohol-alternative program that provides opportunities for students to socialize in a safe environment free of the pressure to drink. Events are aimed to provide opportunities for students to collaborate, socialize, and get involved with the campus and community. Billikens After Dark (commonly known as BAD) hosts events in collaboration with campus and community partners as well as other organizations on campus. Our events occur after 9 p.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights throughout the semester.Billikens After Dark offers opportunities for collaborations with other student organizations.

For more information about a collaboration or funding opportunity, please go to our SLU Groups page.

Billikens After Dark offers various on-campus and off-campus events throughout the semester. For more details on events, please go to our Facebook page.

Billikens After Dark is housed out of the Student Involvement Center in the Busch Student Center Suite 319.

Phone: 314-977-2805
Fax: 314-977-7177
Address: Busch Student Center
               20 N. Grand Blvd
               Suite 319
Twitter: @SLUBAD

Billikens After Dark is a late night, alcohol alternative program at Saint Louis University. The mission of this program is to provide opportunities for students, particularly those who are underage, to spend time with friends and have fun in a safe environment without the peer pressure of consuming alcohol. As part of the mission, Billikens After Dark hosts events, targeted toward students under the age of 21, to be held Thursay, Friday, and Saturday between the hours of 8pm to midnight. Billikens After Dark events are open to all university students with the intention to creat a social, safe, and recreational environment for students.

As the alcohol alternative, late night program at Saint Louis University, the Billikens After Dark programs strives to:

• Engage students in activities that serve as models for how to have fun without excessive and high-risk drinking
• Acknowledge students' abilities to organize themselves around, respond to, and challenge the highly charged issues of partying and drinking
• Unite student groups that might not typically work together, thereby promoting collaboration, creating community, and building coalitions
• Provide alternatives to the typical college scene
• Expose Saint Louis University students to a wide variety of cultures other than their own
• Increase health and safety for all Saint Louis University students
• Decrease crime, irresponsible conduct and unsafe behavior

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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