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The Student Involvement Center has created the following resources to assist you in guiding students’ development through co-curricular involvement. While these resources are far from comprehensive, they address a few of the most common issues that advisors face. From working to make sure that events are safe and assessing the development of leaders, we hope that these resources are useful to you.

CSO Advising Role

There are many pieces that make up the role of the CSO Advisor at Saint Louis University. In realizing that each group is different and might look for different things from their advisor, and that each advisor will be different in their approach to advising, this CSO Advisor Role document lists what makes up a Saint Louis University CSO advisor.

CSO Advisor Agreement

Student Chartered Organizations should submit, to the VP of Student Organizations, an official advisor agreement. Please access the form here.

CSO Advising Tips

At Saint Louis University, student group advising is looked to as more hands-on and purposeful than years ago when advising was more about providing the necessary signatures. We first recognize that each student group at Saint Louis University is unique in their make-up and needs and will thus require different approaches from the advisor, but hopefully these CSO Advisor Tips will help set the foundation in ultimately creating an individualistic advising approach.

Learn more about Advising through the American College Personnel Association, Commission on Student Involvement: 

ACPA Advising Manual 

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