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Reinert Hall Move-in

Welcome to the Reinert Hall!

Room Information
Check out the Housing and Residence Life website for more information regarding Reinert Hall. Amenities and general information can be found here and floor plans can be found here.

Your move-in will begin in the Fordham Lot located just beside Reinert Hall off of Grand Boulevard. A campus map highlighting various parking locations can be viewed here. This map may be beneficial to print and bring to campus when you arrive for easy reference.

With limited space in the north section of the Fordham Lot, this lot is used solely for unloading. Once all your items have been unloaded, please move your vehicle to the west or south sides of Reinert Hall or to the Laclede Garage, which is located just off of Laclede Avenue. During Fall Welcome, parking in Fordham Lot and the Laclede Garage is free.

Move-in Process
When you arrive on SLU's campus on your assigned move-in date, go directly to the Fordham Lot at Reinert Hall.

Once you arrive to Reinert Hall, you will be given an information card for your vehicle. Please write in your contact and room information on this card and place it on your dashboard. This will allow SLU staff to contact you if any questions arise. After parking, Oriflamme Leaders will meet you at your vehicle and direct you to the check-in location. As the new student goes to check-in, have at least one member of your family stay with the vehicle as Oriflamme Leaders begin unloading items.

After you have received all your check-in information, Oriflamme Leaders will help you carry all of your items up to your room. As available, you will be able to utilize a "speed pack" which is a large cardboard box on wheels that fits in the Reinert elevators. Please remember, due to the limited parking of the closest parking spots in Fordham Lot, once your items are unloaded, please move your vehicle to the west or south of Reinert Hall in Fordham Lot or move to the Laclede Garage to allow for another student and their family to utilize that parking spot.

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