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Oriflamme [OR-uh-flam/noun] - a banner, symbol or idea inspiring devotion or courage.

Since 1963, these Fall Orientation Leaders, known as Oriflamme, have helped create a successful Fall Welcome and move-in experience for first-year students by serving as mentors, guides and orientation leaders. It started as a small group of 16 men, and has grown to a group of over 160 diverse student volunteers from all across campus.

1963 Oriflamme Leaders

1963 Oriflamme Leaders

2015 Oriflamme Leaders

2015 Oriflamme Leaders

These orientation leaders mentor groups of first-year students through their first several days on campus and maintain a connection throughout the students first year on campus. The organization rallies their student groups for events such as the Spirit Competition and Square Dance, and leads them to events such as Live the Oath and Convocation. In addition, these Fall Orientation Leaders facilitatie small group discussions on topics of involvement, diversity and more - all to help students feel comfortable transitioning into SLU. Oriflamme Leaders not only mentor groups of students, they also help with residence hall move-in and complete behind-the-scenes tasks, assisting the Student Involvement Center, to ensure Fall Welcome runs smoothly.


Oriflamme Leader Coordinators
The Coordinators are 4 students who have been a part of Oriflamme for at least a year. These students are selected through an interview process conducted by the Oriflamme Supervisor, a Program Coordinator in the Student Involvement Center, to serve a year term to prepare for Fall Welcome and the training of the Oriflamme Leaders and Team Leaders. 

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Oriflamme Team Leaders
These 16 students apply and are selected from the Oriflamme Leader team to lead a small group of Oriflamme Leaders (known as a Flammily) during Fall Welcome. Team Leaders interview in October and are selected in November to serve alongside the coordinators as a part of the Oriflamme Leadership Team. They attend training sessions in the Spring semester to prepare themselves to lead their Flammily through Fall Welcome/Orientation. They also assist with Winter Welcome/Orientation for our incoming students in the Spring semester and any First Year Experience programs and needs through the Student Involvement Center.

Detailed Job Description

Are you interested in becoming an Oriflamme Leader Fall Orientation Leader?
Oriflamme Leader selection occurs as a part of the First-Year Experience (FYE) Leaders selection process. This process selects leaders for six different leadership positions including Oriflamme Leaders, SLU101 Leaders, University 101 Peer Instructors, Commuter Assistants, Transfer Mentors, and Student Educational Services (SES) Mentors.

To learn a little more about Oriflamme Fall Orientation Leadsers and all of these leadership positions, please click here.  If you're interested in becoming an Oriflamme Leader, the application will go live November 2, 2015 HERE.

For any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to the Oriflamme Supervisor and Program Coordinator in the Student Involvement Center.

Jordan Glaser | Oriflamme Supervisor
(314) 977-2805 |

Jordan Glaser, Oriflamme Supervisor


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