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If you are the first person in your family to attend college, then you are what is commonly known as a First Generation College student. In other words, if neither of your parents or guardians graduated from a college or university with a four-year degree, then you are the first generation of your family to go to college.

At Saint Louis University, we call our first generation college students, First Billikens. Nearly 15% of undergraduate students at SLU are First Billikens. There are many services and programs available to First Billikens to help you find your way and be successful.

Welcome to SLU!

As a First Billiken, you may be wondering what college will be like, and with no one from your immediate family who has attended, you may not feel you have anyone to ask for advice. The staff and faculty of Saint Louis University are here to help you navigate the complex system of the University.

In particular, SLU's First-Year Experience programs are uniquely designed with First Billikens in mind. Being the first in your family to attend college is a proud moment, and we are here to celebrate with you and support you as you discover college life for the first time.

Below you will find a number of resources to help you navigate college life at SLU. Please contact us if you have any questions.

PHONE:            314 977-2805
FAX:                  314 977-7177
ROOM:             319
                          ST. LOUIS, MO 63103


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