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First-Year Experience Checklist

This list is a guide to help you navigate your first year at SLU.  It is your responsibility to integrate the list as how it fits best into your personal and academic goals.  These are suggestions to help you throughout your year, but should not be seen as an all encompassing list or required checklist.


  • Explore your proposed major.
  • Meet with your academic advisor.
  • Talk with your faculty mentor about your intended major.
  • Utilize tutoring and writing resources in the Student Success Center.  
  • Connect with members of the SLU community who are in your classes; discuss forming study groups and exchange contact information.
  • Connect with an upperclassman in your intended major to find out about their experience.
  • Learn how to calculate your GPA.
  • If applicable, renew FAFSA by March 1.

Community and Involvement:

Career Preparation:

Personal Growth:

  • Attend Sunday night Mass (all faith traditions welcome) and/or connect to an area faith community.
  • Introduce yourself to a Campus Minister and learn more about spiritual growth opportunities on campus.
  • Attend cultural events to explore the diversity represented at SLU.  Visit the Cross Cultural Center in the BSC to learn more or to get involved in a multicultural organization.
  • Offer, seek and identify an academic, emotional and spiritual support system.  Utilize the services in Student Health & Counseling, if needed. 
  • Explore opportunities at the Simon Recreation Center to maintain balance in your mind — body — spirit connection. 



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