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Do you remember your first days on campus as a SLU student? You were probably excited, nervous, overwhelmed, confused, eager...

As an upper class student who has survived your first semester, year, or years at SLU, YOU can make a difference for incoming students. The First-Year Experience leaders hold elite positions that help students through their college transition by serving as resources and role models. Whether you're interested in serving as a SLU 101 Leader, Oriflamme Leader, U101 Peer Instructor, Commuter Assistant, Transfer Mentor, or Billiken Bridge & TRiO Programs Mentor - all provide the opportunity to make a positive impact for incoming students. In addition to serving incoming students and their families, these positions are a great leadership development opportunity for you, and are, of course, fun!

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SLU 101 LeadersSLU 101 Summer Orientation Leaders
SLU 101 Leaders are a selective group of student leaders that assist in the orientation of incoming students and their families during SLU 101 summer orientation to Saint Louis University. SLU 101 Leaders facilitate small group meetings,  assist incoming students in the advising and registration process, serve on panels for students or parents, coordinate evening activities, and much more as they serve as great representatives of Saint Louis University.  Applicants must be available for all training and program dates. SLU 101 Leader Position Description


Oriflamme Leaders 2013Oriflamme Leaders
Oriflamme Fall Orientation Leaders are selected volunteers who help create a successful Fall Welcome experience for first-year students. Members help lead residence hall floor groups and commuter students in activities such as the Spirit Competition and the Billiken Block Party. They also assist students in their initial college transition process through facilitation of peer group discussions and by serving as a mentor and resource to incoming students. These Fall Orientation Leaders help with move in as well as complete behind-the-scenes tasks that help Fall Welcome run smoothly. Applicants must be able to attend all aspects of Oriflamme training (August 14-16, 2016) and Fall Welcome (August 17-22, 2016). Oriflamme Leader Position Description

U101University 101 Peer Instructors
University 101 Peer Instructors are student co-instructors with a faculty or staff member for the University 101: Enhancing First-Year Success course (EDH 101). U101 is a one-hour course that meets for 14 weeks in the fall semester.  In this role, students assist in class preparation and in-class facilitation, as well in reading student reflections and providing feedback. U101 Peer Instructors serve as a personal resource for students in their class, sharing with them their experience at SLU and knowledge of campus resources.  Serving as a University 101 Peer Instructor is an average time commitment of approximately 3-5 hours per week. University 101 Peer Instructor Position Description

Commuter Assistants

Commuter Assistants
Commuter Assistants are student leaders who work with freshmen commuter students who have been exempt from the residency requirement. Commuter Assistants provide both educational and social programming for groups of approximately 60-80 freshmen students each. They also serve as a guide and mentor for their students meeting with them one on one, holding weekly office hours, and serving as a resource to help answer any questions they may have. Applicants must be or have been a commuter student in the past and be available for all training dates.  Serving as a Commuter Assistant is an average time commitment of 15 hours per week and is a year-long commitment. Commuter Assistant Position Description

Transfer MentorsTransfer Mentors
The TRANSFERmations Mentoring Program is an opportunity for transfer students focused on assisting incoming SLU transfer students in their transition by connecting them to SLU communities through various activities and initiatives in the first six weeks of the fall semester.  Applicants must be full time students who transferred to SLU prior to the Spring 2016 semester.  Transfer Mentors are asked to serve approximately 5 hours a week for the first six weeks of the semester, with additional opportunities to serve in the first 3 weeks of the Spring 2017 semester. Transfer Mentor Position Description


SES Peer Mentors Billiken Bridge & TRiO Programs Mentors
The Billiken Bridge to Success (BBS) Program is a selective, summer residential  program designed to enhance the transition of incoming freshmen to maximize their opportunity for success at Saint Louis University.  Peer Mentors will provide leadership for the BBS program and assist throughout the school year with TRiO Programs as well.  Preference will be given to applicants with experience in the Billiken Bridge or TRiO Programs. Billiken Bridge & TRiO Programs Mentor Position Description



Applications for the 2016 FYE Positions has closed.

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