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Book Recommendations for First-Year Reading Program

Book Selection Process

Any individual (faculty/staff/student) has the opportunity to submit a book recommendation for consideration for the first-year reading text choice. All recommendations will be submitted to the Student Success Center and will reviewed by a committee of faculty, staff, and students focused on the 2017 book selection process.  All first-year reading recommendations should meet the goals that are set for selection criteria.

The goals of the First-Year Reading Program are as follows:

  • Provides a shared intellectual experience that prepares incoming students to engage in discussion on various levels on an ongoing basis.
  • Addresses questions and life issues being faced by incoming students.
  • Either implicitly or explicitly introduces students to academic life and the uniqueness of Jesuit higher education, reflective of the mission of Saint Louis University.
  • Provides opportunities for incoming students to dialogue with each other, and faculty and staff on campus.

The committee will review book recommendations and utilize volunteers to read books that seem to meet the above stated goals and program outcomes. Student feedback will be utilized once the committee narrows down the recommendations to the final selection of books being reviewed. The committee will then read all the books under final consideration and a final recommendation of the top book will be submitted for approval.

Key Book Considerations
  • Considerably short (less than 300 pages, if possible)
  • Interesting to students as a summer reading
  • Relevant topics for incoming students
  • Potential for integration in other areas of the curriculum
  • Cost efficient for the program (less than $15/book)
  • Any genre (including fiction and non-fiction) are open to consideration
  • The book should not be discipline specific, in that it reaches a general audience
  • The book should follow the program goals outlined above
Timeline and Submission

Book Recommendations for the 2017 selection process have already been collected

To submit a book for 2018, please fill out this form


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