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The First-Year Experience

First-Year Experience

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The First-Year Experience initiative at Saint Louis University facilitates students' transition from high school to college and begins the process of engaging students in the SLU Experience. By learning about support resources and people on campus, as well as participating in special activities and meetings during their transition to college, students will experience academic and personal success.

Below are a list of FYE programs to assist in your transition to SLU:

SLU 101 SLU 101-Summer Orientation
We look forward to welcoming you and your family to SLU this summer at SLU 101. Learn more about SLU 101 and your transition to college!
SLU 101 Transfer SLU 101 Transfer Orientation
We understand that you already have experience at a college, so we've designed SLU 101 Transfer Orientation specifically to meet the special needs of transfer students.
Fall Welcome
Fall Welcome Fall Orientation

Starting five days before classes begin in August, all freshmen and new transfer students participate in Fall Welcome where you will get to know other students and campus resources.
First-Year Summer Reading First-Year Summer Reading
During the summer prior to the start of their first semester at SLU, incoming students are expected to read a common book.
Learning Communities Learning Communities
Students sharing a common purpose living in communities where their coursework, service, and social activities are all designed to enhance the experience of living on campus and promote a learning lifestyle.
Freshmen Commuters Freshmen Commuters
The Student Involvement Center works with all incoming traditional freshmen commuter students, who have been exempt from the residency requirement, to help ensure a smooth transition to Saint Louis University.
First Generation Students First Generation Students
If you are the first person in your family to attend college, then you are what is commonly known as a First Generation College student. Check out some resources we've gathered just for you and your family!
FYE Selection FYE Leadership Positions
The First-Year Experience leaders hold elite positions that help students through their college transition by serving as resources and role models.
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