Saint Louis University

The fraternities and sororities at Saint Louis University are values based organizations and therefore its members are held to a higher level of accountability and ethical responsibility. Fraternity men and sorority women are expected to act as responsible members of the Saint Louis University community as well as the local Saint Louis community both on and off campus. The expectations of fraternities and sororities are outlined in the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council constitutions and bylaws, and the Greek Social Events Policy. Chapters may be held accountable for any actions committed by members as these actions may reflect on the chapter as a whole and may also reflect upon the University community. Fraternities and sororities should provide their members an enriching experience that enhances their involvement at Saint Louis University.

Listed below is information about the Greek Standards Board, Chapter Conduct Status, and Unrecognized Organizations. This information is provided to keep our community updated on the proper judiciary procedures.

Greek Standards Board

The Greek Standards Board (GSB) at Saint Louis University is a judiciary board composed of undergraduate students throughout our Greek Community.

The purpose of the board is to resolve disputes that involve fraternities and sororities and Greek members. Also, the GSB strives to provide a positive atmosphere in which the values and standards of Greek Life are upheld. The Greek Community at Saint Louis University holds our members to a higher level of accountability and ethical responsibility. The GSB will hold each chapter accountable for the behavior of its individual members. The Greek Standards Board is not intended to parallel the legal system. We strive to be educational in our outcomes, not simply to discipline and punish.

Chapter Conduct Status

Saint Louis University keeps record of the chapters that, as a result of violating University rules and regulations or accepting responsibility for organizational misconduct, have been placed on a formal disciplinary status. The list we have provided outlines chapters that are on probation, suspension, and/or substance restriction status.

Unrecognized Organizations

Saint Louis University does not recognize the following organizations. As a result, the organizations below do not fall under SLU's university polices, student organization policies, or Greek life policies.