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Sorority Recruitment Registration Information 


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2015 Panhellenic Sorority Formal Recruitment Schedule of Events - Save the Date!
Please make sure to keep your schedules open for each round of events.

Tuesday, September 8-Recruitment Small Group Meetings

Friday, September 11 - Rotationals Round
Saturday, September 12 - Philanthropy Round
Sunday, September 13 - Preference Round
Monday, September 14 at 5 pm - Bid Night


Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment Preview Events

Want More Information? Check out these events in the Fall:

SLU Fair
Wednesday, August 26, 2015, 11 am to 2 pm
Quad (rain site - Student Recreation Center)

Representatives from the Panhellenic Council will be staffing the Go Greek! booth at SLU Fair. Stop by to talk, get information on registration, and get your questions answered.

Panhellenic Sorority Information Night
Thursday, August 27, 2015, 5 pm or 6 pm (Pick one!)
Busch Student Center, Saint Louis Room

This session is highly recommended for all prospective and confirmed Panhellenic Sorority Formal Recruitment participants. We will go over the sorority recruitment process more in depth and you will get the chance to learn more about each of the six Panhellenic sororities.

Fraternity and Sorority Recruitment Kick Off
Tuesday, September 3, 2015 5 to 7 p.m.
Center for Global Citizenship

Are you interested in joining a Greek Organization at any point in your college career? Then come join us at the Recruitment Kick Off. You will hear a short presentation from our Interfraternal, Multi-Cultural, and Panhellenic councils. Then you will hear a national speaker talk about Greek values and what it means to be a member of a chapter.


How to Register

  1. Complete the Online Registration Form - Those interested in participating in the Fall 2014 Panhellenic Formal Recruitment must register prior to September 4, 2015 at 11:59 pm. Late registrations will not be accepted. Directions are provided on the site. 
  2. Pay the $30 Registration Fee - Participants can pay the $30 registration fee through the registration program at the completion of registration via Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card. At this time, checks are not accepted. Please note that payment must be completed at the time of registration in order for login and profile information to be saved into the registration system. 
  3. Receive a Confirmation - Participants will receive a confirmation message at the end of registration. Please print a copy of this for your records. This will be the only confirmation you receive until late August. The SLU Recruitment Team will send an e-mail in late August with additional information and reminders. 

Panhellenic Sorority Formal Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time will Sorority Formal Recruitment take?

    Panhellenic Sorority Formal Recruitment is an involved process that does take up quite a bit of time during the 4 days. The only weeknight events will be Bid Day, which will begin around 5 pm and may go late into the evening depending on the chapter's events. Friday and Saturday can be long days and women are encouraged to bring homework with them as they may have short breaks in which they could study.
  • What is the deadline to register for Panhellenic Sorority Formal Recruitment?

    All women interested in participating in Panhellenic Sorority Formal Recruitment must register online by September 4th, 2015 at 11:59 pm.
  • Is there a minimum GPA requirement to participate in Panhellenic Sorority Formal Recruitment?

    Panhellenic Council does not have a minimum GPA to participate in Sorority Formal Recruitment. However each chapter has minimum GPA requirements determined by their national organization that they follow during the recruitment process. Women with lower GPAs are still welcome to participate, but should be aware that their options for membership may be more limited.
  • Where do I send letters of recommendation?

    Some participants may have relatives or family friends who are current sorority members or alumnae that would like to send a letter of recommendation to the chapter. Recruitment recommendations and introduction letters are not required to participate in Sorority Formal Recruitment, but will be accepted and passed on to the chapters if received prior to the start of recruitment on Friday, September 11, 2015. It will not count against you if you do not have a recommendation, and each chapter will utilize the letters at their own discretion. Recommendation forms can be sent directly to the chapter, or to:

SLU Sorority Formal Recruitment
c/o (insert chapter name)
Busch Student Center 319
20 N. Grand Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO 63103

  • Is Panhellenic Sorority Formal Recruitment only for freshmen?

    No. Any undergraduate woman is welcome to participate in Panhellenic Sorority Formal Recruitment.
  • Are refunds available?

    No. We are unable to process refunds for this service.
  • I anticipate having conflicts with one or more of the Panhellenic Sorority Formal Recruitment events. What should I do?

    The most important part of Recruitment is being present so that you can meet the chapters and the members can meet you. The more time you have together, the better your chance of finding the right fit. We would encourage you to look at your calendars early, and try to limit conflicts with the recruitment process as much as possible.

    Should you have an unavoidable conflict with recruitment due to class or other mandatory commitments, please list that on your registration form and inform your recruitment counselors at your Small Group Meeting on Tuesday night. We will do our best to assist you in working through any excused absences, but we cannot guarantee you will be able to visit all chapters if you will be missing part of Recruitment. Past students have found that missing an entire round can make full participation very difficult. If you are able, please work out your conflicts to be present for at least part of the round.

    Examples of excused absences would be: attending a night class, a work commitment, etc. Unexcused absences might include: going to dinner with friends, attending a concert, attending another student organization meeting, etc. Please work with your recruitment counselors to submit your absences.
  • What should I include in my profile for registration?

    Your profile is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the chapters prior to the start of formal recruitment. Be brief but thorough in describing your past leadership, service and involvement experiences so that they can learn more about you. Make sure to keep your profile looking professional with appropriate capitalization, spelling, grammar, etc. Please do not use ALL CAPS for any of the fields.
  • How can I get more information?

    You will receive a Go Greek booklet during SLU 101 that will cover many of the basics of Greek Life at SLU. During SLU 101, you can also stop by the Go Greek table during the Resource Fair on Day Two and speak with current Greek students. They can share a lot about their own experiences of being Greek at SLU.

    We also encourage you to attend the Panhellenic Recruitment Preview events during Fall Welcome. Many of your questions will be answered during the various information sessions and through mingling with current sorority members. Fraternity and sorority members will also host information tables during the weeks prior to recruitment.

    Specific recruitment questions can also be answered via e-mail at
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