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Good to Great Leadership Program

The Good to Great Leadership Workshop is designed to give students the opportunity to excel in leadership based on their strengths rather than their weaknesses.  In other words, it helps student learn what they do best, and then build their experiences based on those strengths.  The workshop is based on the highly effective and acclaimed StrengthsQuest program.  At this workshop, you'll learn what your top five greatest areas of talent are and how to maximize them to become a great leader.

Students who have participated in this program in the past have said this about the program:

"I think the workshop was amazing and I have told many of my friends that they should definitely attend if given the opportunity."

"At first it was hard to give up my Saturday, but it was worth every minute of it."

The workshop enables students to:

  • Discover and develop their greatest talents
  • Use their strengths to improve their leadership skills and increase their learning
  • Focus on their strengths rather than their weaknesses

When: TBD
When: TBD
Open to: All SLU students/ All experience levels
Cost: FREE

Registration: CLOSED


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