Saint Louis University

Servant Leadership Education at SLU

Servant Leadership Education at Saint Louis University will empower students to become humble, selfless leaders who are called to a life-long commitment of serving, and who aspire to affect both immediate and long-term change in order to transform their community and the lives of the poor and/or marginalized in our society.

what we value as educators

Our Values

we value magis as a life-long comMiTment to:

Social justice

Serving with and for the community

Integrity and the pursuit of truth

Social and personal responsibility

Our Goals

We seek to form students who will become men and women with and for others who:

Understand the complexities and sophistication of social issues

Actively seek solutions to social issues by collaborating with others and challenging the process

Apply their knowledge of Servant Leadership after college, both in their chosen profession and in their community

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