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Servant Leadership Learning

Programs that fall under the category of Servant Leadership exist within specific learning dimensions and are assigned relevant and measurable learning objectives.

learning dimensions & objectives

Self Awareness

The discovery and development of our values, principles, areas of strength and character, and our aspirations and dreams; and the understanding that this is a life‐long process of reflection and renewal.

  • Students will identify their personal values
  • Students will recognize and develop their own unique identity
  • Students will gain a deeper spiritual awareness
  • Students will align their passions and dreams to future aspirations

Disposition Toward a Greater Common Good

An outlook which encourages one to develop a deep desire to serve the poor and/or marginalized in our society so that those who are served grow as persons and become healthier, wiser, and more autonomous.

  • Students will connect with the community on a personal level
  • Students will examine issues from a broader point of view
  • Students will strengthen their ethical and moral foundation
  • Students will recognize solutions which benefit all people

Person of Vision

The intentional consideration of an experience through thoughtful and philosophical contemplation and the ability to foresee the outcomes of one's decisions.

  • Students will actively reflect on their experiences and their experiences with the community
  • Students will examine the past and present in order to draw conclusions for the future
  • Students will actively listen to the needs of the community they serve to develop a shared vision
  • Students will develop strategies for consensus-­‐level decision-­‐making and communication

Global Worldview

An awareness of global issues and their direct impact on oneself and one's community and the knowledge of and appreciation for other cultures through personal interactions, which deepen our knowledge of the world.

  • Students will experience different cultures, situations, and ideas
  • Students will serve with those who are different than themselves
  • Students will understand the cultural impact on the complexities of social issues
  • Students will identify connections between seemingly unrelated ideas and cultures

Commitment / Personal Investment

The active participation in the process for creating and maintaining social change by integrating an authentic individual passion or desire into one's activities and involvement.

  • Students will get involved in and take responsibility for their community
  • Students will develop meaningful relationships
  • Students will develop a strong sense of purpose
  • Students will engage in socially responsible leadership


A desire for more / better; a challenge to think more deeply and a calling to be more with what you are doing.

  • Students will obtain the ideal skills to assist them in Servant Leadership
  • Students will foster a deeper understanding of the concept of Servant Leadership
  • Students will discern their calling to serve others
  • Students will focus their involvement on areas for which they feel a deeper connection
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