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Senior-Year Experience Podcasts and Vidcasts

Social Justice
At SLU, there are ample opportunities to volunteer and to do service on campus and throughout the city. Now that you are graduating and heading into "the real world," learn about ways to translate those types of experiences to life on the outside with this vidcast.

Podcast (Flash 9 required) total time 3:58 min
iPod/iPhone ready version (mp4 28.1 mb)


Explore the Jesuit value of simplicity, categorized as material simplicity, temporal simplicity, and communal simplicity, and how it relates to you and your life post-SLU.

Podcast (Flash 9 required) total time 3:42 min
iPod/iPhone ready version (mp4 27 mb)

Spirituality after SLU
Retreats, 10 pm Mass, service opportunities, student organizations - with all of these opportunities at your fingertips, it's been easy to grow spiritually while at SLU. Explore ways to continue your spiritual journey after graduation with this vidcast.

Podcast (Flash 9 required) total time 3:14 min
iPod/iPhone ready version (mp4 37.7 mb)

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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