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Senior Legacy Symposium

Information for Faculty

Each academic department/program may send up to three student projects to the symposium that best represent graduating students' work in their major. In order to determine the top three projects to represent the area, the department/program should determine a mechanism for selecting student participants. Suggested selection techniques have commonly included faculty nomination, a faculty and/or student selection committee, or possibly a departmental/program competition/symposium. The method of selection for the Senior Legacy Symposium is at the discretion of the department. The only requirement is that the department indicates how many students to include in the Symposium (up to three projects) and RSVP, using the Department Reservation Form, regarding number of spaces needed for the Symposium by February 15, 2016. The specific students participating in the symposium must be selected and have their submission forms completed no later than March 4, 2016. Please plan your department selection method in accordance with these date.

Typical projects may include capstone projects, performance, and outstanding practicum/internship experiences. Others may include service learning experience, conference presentations of student work, an outline of practical experiences or other field experience, and individual research projects conducted by the student. The category of experiences which may be considered for inclusion in this demonstration of student experiences and work is nearly limitless, and is at the discretion of the academic unit.

Saint Louis University strives to engage its students in five interrelated dimensions contributing to the development of the whole person: scholarship and knowledge, intellectual inquiry and communication, community building, leadership and service, and spirituality and values. Students should be able to articulate how these interconnected dimensions will be integrated into their Symposium project. Faculty sponsors are encouraged to aid in the development of these reflections.

Once students have been selected by the academic unit to take part in the Senior Legacy Symposium, a department faculty sponsor should assist students in the development of their proposal/abstract. The Student Submission Form is due by March 4, 2016. Each Student Submission Form must be approved by the faculty sponsor. While selection in the Senior Legacy Symposium is an honor, the academic unit may also determine if there are other appropriate ways to recognize the selected, and other, students surrounding the Symposium events.

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