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Preparing for the Symposium

Reflection for Senior Legacy Symposium

As you prepare for your Senior Legacy Symposium presentation, consider the following questions to assist you as you reflect on your experience at SLU in relation to your project.

  • Why did you select this topic/project?
  • How did your experience at SLU lead you to this topic?
  • Did this experience allow you to have a different perspective related to your project?

By developing a well-rounded educational foundation which incorporates learning through experience, by becoming scholars in their chosen fields, and by dedicating themselves to the advancement of knowledge, students are prepared for advanced study, for their careers, and for lifelong learning.

  • How has this project related to your well roundness as a student?
  • How has the experience of this project:
    • prepared you for the future?
    • continued your learning in your field of study?
    • assisted you in applying knowledge in your field of study?

By developing the abilities of intellectual inquiry and communication, students are able to learn effectively, express ideas and concepts clearly, and apply their knowledge to new situations they encounter.

  • How will you communicate the purpose and outcomes of your project to people at the Symposium?
  • How did you use critical thinking through your project?
  • How can you apply the knowledge acquired in the project process?

By welcoming and working with others, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or gender, students build an inclusive community which leads to respect and compassion for human life and the dignity of each person.

  • How did this project connect you with others on/off campus?
  • Did you see the world differently as a result of your project?
  • Were you able to understand and respect different points of views other than those considered in the beginning?

By serving others and by promoting social justice, students become men and women for others who lead by their example.

  • How did this project help to enhance your talents?
  • How did or could your project allow you to serve or connect to the service of others?
  • How has your experience with this project allowed you to expand your leadership skills or ability to lead by example?

By developing their spirituality, values, and openness to the transcendent, students determine principles to guide their actions and their relationships with others.

  • Did this project allow you to do any soul searching?
  • In what ways did this project affect your life principles and values?
  • What values of yours relate to this project?
  • What do you value of your experience at SLU?

The Senior Legacy Symposium is sponsored by the Undergraduate Initiatives department, Career Services, and the VOICES project and is the winner of the 2009 Jesuit Association of Student Personnel Administrators (JASPA) Ignatian Medal for an Outstanding Campus Program.

Higher purpose. Greater good.
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