Saint Louis University

This list is a guide to help you navigate your senior year. It is your responsibility to integrate the list as how it fits best into your personal and academic goals. These are suggestions to help you throughout your year, but should not be seen as an all encompassing list or required checklist.

Prepare for Graduation:


Career Preparation

  •  Make an appointment with a career counselor to reflect on and identify your purpose as it relates to a career path.  
  •  Update your resume reflecting on your college career, internships, and service opportunities. Post it on CareerLink.
  •  Check with Career Services to learn how to conduct an effective job search.
  •  Update your networking list and begin to use it to connect with possible job openings.
  •  Reflect on how to apply your SLU experiences to other settings; e.g. jobs, graduate schools, volunteer opportunities.
  •  Attend fall and spring career fairs and other Career Services events as a way to network with employers and graduate schools.
  •  Schedule a mock interview with a career counselor to prepare for employer interviews.
  •  Research market trends and salary expectations for your industry and career of interest.
  •  Develop a career portfolio to use for the job search and to reflect on your SLU experiences.
  • Apply to all interesting jobs on CareerLink, company websites, and other job search websites.

Applying to Graduate or Professional School:

Connecting with Classmates:

Before Leaving SLU:


PDF version of the checklist