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Servant leadership is an approach to serving with and for a community so as to enact the transformation of society for the greater common good.

A servant leader is a person of vision and character, committed to the greater common good, with the capacity to lead others through shared discernment, planning, and action that will result in social change.

About iLEAD

The iLEAD: Servant Leadership Experience empowers students throughout their college career to aspire to affect both immediate and long-term change in order to transform their community and the lives of the marginalized in our society. We do this through the intentional formation of students into becoming servant leaders and agents of local and global social change.

The iLEAD: Servant Leadership Experience embodies the University mission by engaging undergraduate students at Saint Louis University in the transformation of society and serving with and for their community through their development as agents of local and global social change.

A progressively challenging Servant Leadership experience, students engage in the iLEAD: Servant Leadership Experience throughout their college years within three phases.

The Three Phases of iLEAD

iLEAD 101

iLEAD 201

iLEAD 301

Exploring Servant Leadership

Explore concepts of serving with and for the community, social issues, and fostering a deeper understanding of servant leadership and social change.

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Discerning Servant Leadership

Discern your calling as a servant leader by focusing your involvement on areas for which you feel a deeper connection.

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Advancing Servant Leadership

Advance your understanding of servant leadership and social change by teaching others.

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Requirements of Participation

The iLEAD: Servant Leadership Experience is a phased program, and we recommend that students enroll in iLEAD 101 in their first year at SLU. Through iLEAD 101 students will learn the ideal skills of being a Servant Leader as well as get involved in on campus organizations and participate in meaningful service with others. Participation in iLEAD 101 takes only one (1) semester and students will participate in a seminar, attend keynote addresses by prominent Servant Leaders in the community, participate in service, and attend a capstone meeting.

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Once a student has completed iLEAD 101, they may wish to continue their development as Servant Leaders by enrolling in iLEAD 201 and subsequently in iLEAD 301.

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