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iLEAD 201: Discerning Servant Leadership

iLEAD 201


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iLEAD 201: Discerning Servant Leadership, is the second phase of the iLEAD: Servant Leadership Experience. Designed specifically for sophomores and juniors, iLEAD 201 offers students a chance to make a real difference in the world and at the same time teach them valuable skills and knowledge to make them effective leaders for today!

About iLEAD 201

iLEAD 201 LogoOften when students complete iLEAD 101 they are looking for something else, something they can do that will test their newly developed skills in leading, as well as contribute in a meaningful way to their community.

iLEAD 201 is a self-guided, developmental Servant Leadership experience that allows students to take control of their leadership learning by offering them a variety of leadership skill, knowledge, and experience programs that will challenge them to discern how they want to lead.

If you're looking for a leadership certificate program that not only gives you an edge in the job market, but enables you to transform society, this is the program for you!

Students can take anywhere from two (2) to four (4) semesters to complete iLEAD 201 (four is recommended). Students must complete all the requirements for iLEAD 201 before enrolling in iLEAD 301.

*To obtain the iLEAD: Servant Leadership Experience certificate, students must complete all three phases of iLEAD.

Essential Components of iLEAD 201

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Two to Four Semesters

Students have the option to participate in iLEAD 201 over the course of 2-4 semesters. We recommend that students utilize all 4 semesters, but sometimes this is not possible due to transferring to SLU or going Abroad.

Servant Leadership Transformation Project

The heart and soul of the iLEAD: Servant Leadership Experience is the Servant Leadership Transformation Project. Students will choose from a variety of programs at SLU that enable them to create long-lasting, transformative change in the world.

Meaningful Service

Students will choose a service site that is of interest to them and complete 60 hours of service at that one site. The site must be the same for all 60 hours. Doing service at the same site will enable students to formulate connections with the community and be a potential location for their Servant Leadership Transformation Project.

Interest-Based Cohort

Each participant will be assigned a cohort team based on their interests. Each cohort team will meet at least once each semester. During the cohort meetings, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their experiences as well as seek advice on what they are experiencing as Servant Leaders.

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Magis Portfolio

All iLEAD participants will develop and maintain a portfolio, which will document all of their accomplishments and reflections within the iLEAD program.

Leadership Role

Students are required to take on at least 1 leadership role within a student organization they belong to. This role can be anything from a position to heading up a program or project.

Self-Guided Servant Leadership Experiences

Saint Louis University offers numerous Servant Leadership experiences. During iLEAD 201 students are asked to participate in at least 8 of them. A full list will be provided.



How do you lead?

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