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iLEAD 301: Advancing Servant Leadership

iLEAD 301


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The third and final phase of the iLEAD: Servant Leadership Experience is iLEAD 301: Advancing Servant Leadership. Students who wish to complete the entire certificate program will need to enroll in iLEAD 301 during their final two (2) semesters of college, typically your senior year.

About iLEAD 301

iLEAD 301 LogoiLEAD 301 is focused on preparing the next generation of leaders. Participants will serve as mentors and facilitators for newer students at SLU who wish to learn about leadership.

Students must complete iLEAD 301 during their final two semesters at SLU. Upon completion, students will be awarded a document of certification, recognizing their development as Servant Leaders, cords to wear at graduation, a leadership portfolio, co-curricular transcript, and the skills and knowledge necessary to transform the world.

*To obtain the iLEAD: Servant Leadership Experience certificate, students must complete all three phases of iLEAD.

Essential Components of iLEAD 301

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Last Two Semesters

Students must use their final two semesters at SLU (undergraduates only) when participating in iLEAD 301. iLEAD 301 serves as a capstone experience and is most effective during students' final year.

Mentor Younger Leaders

Students will serve as mentors and facilitators for younger student leaders in the iLEAD program. Student mentors, known as Fellows, may wish to facilitate an ILEAD 101 Cohort, present workshops, or serve on the ILEAD Leadership Council.

Meaningful Service

Students will choose a service site that is of interest to them and complete 30 hours of service at that one site. The site must be the same for all 30 hours. Doing service at the same site will enable students to formulate connections with the community.

The League Retreat

In order to prepare students to be mentors (known as Fellows), they will attend an off-campus retreat where they will learn the core experiences of being a Servant Leader. It is called the League in honor of the book, Journey to the East by Hermann Hesse.

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Magis Portfolio

All iLEAD participants will develop and maintain a portfolio, which will document all of their accomplishments and reflections within the iLEAD program.

Leadership Transition

Students are required to develop and implement a transitional leadership plan for at least 1 of your student organizations, which will assist them in preparing for the next year.

Self-Guided Servant Leadership Experiences

Saint Louis University offers numerous Servant Leadership experiences. During iLEAD 301 students are asked to participate in at least 2 of them. A full list will be provided.



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