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TRANSFERmations Program

TRANSFERmations is a 6-week program designed specifically for transfer students entering during the Fall semester. The program is led by 5 former transfer students (Transfer Mentors). These students will plan events, answer questions, and be a mentor to transfer students entering during the Fall semester.  During move-in week, the Transfer Mentors also serve as Oriflamme Leaders for new transfer students.

Students can learn more information about the program in a variety of ways: they will receive e-mails from their assigned Transfer Mentor, they will receive information in their SLU 101 folders, and/or they can come to the website to get the latest updates.

Check out the full TRANSFERmations Schedule and see your transfer mentors! 

Learning Outcomes for the TRANSFERmations Program:

  • Students participating in the TRANSFERmations Program will gain an understanding of the opportunities and resources available to them specifically at SLU.
  • Students participating in the TRANSFERmations Program will develop a supportive peer group by connecting with new and returning transfer students through social programming.
  • Students who participate in the TRANSFERmations Program will make informed decisions regarding their involvement in the SLU community.
  • Students participating in the TRANSFERmations Program will learn how to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle as demonstrated by the Transfer Mentor and by attending wellness programs.

Program Categories

  o Provide support for the academic environment at SLU to ensure student success.

  o Designed to develop the whole student (academic, social, etc) and provide a reprieve from the academic rigor of SLU.

  o Allow students to develop relationships with other incoming transfer students and upper class student leaders at SLU.

  o Introduce students to the culture and activities of Midtown and other surrounding areas in the city of St. Louis.

  o Provide a "road map" to help students learn how to maneuver both within SLU's campus and the greater St. Louis area.

  o Allow for students to work with and for others, and that introduce students to the greater Jesuit mission.

  o Promote school pride and that correspond with common SLU traditions for incoming students.

TRANSFERmations 6-Week Schedule

Check back in late spring 2016 for the Fall 2016 schedule!

Fall 2015 Schedule

Week 1

Fall Welcome is provided for all students who are entering their first year at Saint Louis University. The first week is filled with many great events to provide students with the opportunity to learn about resources at Saint Louis University and to meet many new people and make new friends. We encourage ALL students to attend all of the events but the following events have been highlighted especially for transfer students. TRANSFERmations Mentors / Oriflamme leaders will meet up before every Fall Welcome event in order to provide an opportunity for transfer students to attend all of the events together.

                Featured Events:

Trivia Night (August 19 8:00pm - BSC Wool Ballrooms)

If you're moving in to your residence hall on Wednesday, or if you happen to be in the area, feel free to stop the annual Fall Welcome Trivia Night.  Enjoy a SLU tradition with fellow transfer students and win some great prizes.

Transfer Student Meet and Greet (August 20 6:30pm BSC St. Louis Room)

At orientation students will receive information about Fall Welcome activities, learn about opportunities and resources for transfer students, hear from past transfer students, and meet your Transfer Mentors!

New Student Convocation (August 21 9:30am Chaifetz Arena)

Convocation is an annual SLU tradition that officially welcomes students and their families to the University.  Hear from the University President as you become a true member of the SLU community during this formal ceremony to celebrate the incoming class.  All incoming students and their families are encouraged to attend

Where are My Classes? (August 22 10am BSC 352/353)

Still haven't figured out what all the acronyms on your class schedule mean?  No problem!  Transfer Mentors will be happy to provide individualized campus tours to find where all of your classes are around campus.

Transfer Student "Cook-In" (August 22 5pm Billiken Club)

Come and enjoy a "cook-in" with current and past SLU transfer students, complete with burgers, field games, and air conditioning! Get a chance to talk to past transfer students informally. This will also be a time to prepare for the Sprit Competition, create signs, paint faces, and get spirited for the men's soccer game!

Billiken Men's Soccer Game / Spirit Competition (August 22 7pm Hermann Stadium)

A Fall Welcome Tradition!  Prepare to show off your SLU Spirit as you cheer for the men's soccer team and attempt to win the mantle of Spirit Competition Winner 2015!

Week 2

Fall Welcome continues into the first week of classes (and beyond) to help students get better integrated into the campus community. There are events planned for every day of the week but below we have highlighted the events that we think would be most beneficial for incoming transfer students. We encourage you to attend as many of the Fall Welcome events as possible. The TRANSFERmations Mentors will meet up before every event in order to provide an opportunity for transfer students to attend events together.

Featured Events:

Smoothie Social (August 25, 7pm - Center for Global Citizenship)

Want to beat the end of summer heat?  Join us smoothies in the Center for Global Citizenship and have the opportunity to meet former transfer students who can share their tips on successfully navigating your first semester. 

SLU Fair (August 26, 11am - West Pine Quad)

As new students to SLU, we encourage all students to get involved in some way.  Want to find out how?  Over 150 student clubs, organizations, and other involvement opportunities will be present at the annual SLU Fair.  Feel free to swing by for free giveaways, speak with students about the involvement opportunities, and enjoy the campus' largest ice cream bar! 

Volunteer Event (August 29 - Time and Location TBD)

As SLU students, we value the opportunity to serve our local community.  Join the Transfer Mentors for this weekend volunteer opportunity in the surrounding area.

Week 3

               Featured Events:

Cardinals Pre-Game Party (September 1, 5pm - Outside Marchetti Towers)

Grab a slice of pizza when you meet us at the lobby of Marchetti Towers at 5:00 for a kick-off party for the ballgame at Busch Stadium. Come and relax before we head downtown for St. Louis' favorite pastime.

SLU Night at the Ballpark (September 1, 7pm - Busch Stadium)

Go Cards! Take a break from school and catch the Cardinals in action at Busch Stadium at 7:00 p.m. It's a great way to get to know St. Louis because you can't have St. Louis without the Cardinals!  Limited free tickets and free metro tickets are available for transfer students. 

Field Day (September 3, 1pm - Quad)

Take a mid-week break from your classes to hang out on the Quad with your Transfer Mentors.  We will have field games and snacks available.  Rain Plan: Simon Rec Center.


Week 4

Featured Events:

Individual Programs (Details to Be E-mailed During Week 3)

Get to know your individual Transfer Mentor and Mentor Group on a more personal level this week.  Rather than have an event for all new transfer students, Transfer Mentors will be contacting their Mentor Group for separate events throughout the week.  Keep an eye on your e-mail for more details.

St. Louis Zoo Trip (September 12, 1pm - Meet at BSC Info Desk)

Voted as one of the best zoos in the country and completely free for attendees, join the Transfer Mentors on a trip to the St. Louis Zoo in Forrest Park.  A favorite activity from last year, this is one you don't want to miss.

Week 5

               Featured Events:

"The Glow" at Forrest Park (September 18 6pm - Meet at BSC Info Desk)

The Saint Louis Balloon Race is a long-standing tradition for the area.  On the evening prior to the race, the balloons all gather at Forrest Park and ignite their fires at simultaneous intervals to create the effect that the balloons are "glowing."  Join your fellow transfer students for this unique experience in Forrest Park.  Transportation provided.

Week 6

Week 6 is a celebration and a time to truly be proud of all of your success at SLU!

                Featured Events:

Study Break (September 23, 7pm - BSC 251)

With midterms just around the corner, take a break from studying to relax with the Transfer Mentors.  You can stop by for a few board games and enjoy one of the best hors d'vours bars on campus - a real treat!

Homecoming Golf Cart Decorating (September 26 - Time and Location TBD)

Come celebrate your first six weeks at SLU! Enjoy breakfast and decorate your golf cart for the annual Homecoming parade.  Family members and guests are welcome to attend. 

Don't forget to check out the TRANSFERmations Twitter feed for updates on events and additional details!

More Information to remember:

Check out the Transition Checklists and utilize the one that best fits your transition level at SLU.

                First-Year Experience Checklist
                Sophomore-Year Experience Checklist
                Junior-Year Experience Checklist
                Senior-Year Experience Checklist

Also, don't forget to continue to utilize the events calendar on the SLU Connection website. This is a great way to continue to find ways to get involved on campus


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