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Student Success Center Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Student Success Center at Saint Louis University aids students in fulfilling their individual academic and career potential by providing intentional, developmentally appropriate opportunities for self-reflection and discovery, encouraging experiential learning, and supporting students' discernment in vocational, personal and academic choices.


As educators focused on the holistic development of students, we integrate the following values into each student interaction and into the design of each service or program:

  • Vocational discernment. Students reflect upon their values, skills, interests and personality as it relates to their choice of academic program and career path. Consistent with the Jesuit mission, students make decisions that guide them to connect their passions with societal needs.
  • Commitment to lifelong learning. Students demonstrate effective academic skills and behaviors and commit to the process of learning both in and out of the classroom.
  • Experiential learning. Students engage in structured experiential learning, and then inwardly reflect upon those experiences.
  • Personal responsibility. Students develop personal academic and career responsibility, self-awareness related to their own behaviors and decisions, and intentional goal-setting and goal-reaching practices.
  • Meaningful relationships. Students feel individually valued, including their personal identities and traits, and find meaningful interpersonal connections with others on campus.
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