Saint Louis University

The Student Success Center is a one-stop shop for academic support.

From the moment students enroll in classes until they begin preparing for graduation, Saint Louis University has the resources to help students succeed in every aspect of student life.

But student success means more than getting good grades and graduating. At SLU, it's about educating the whole person. Whatever your definition of success is, SLU can help get you there.

Transitioning to College

New students often find themselves questioning what classes they should take, what to major in or how to study for an exam. The Student Success Center has an interactive class known as University 101 to answer those questions and more. This one-credit-hour class helps students adjust to college and get connected to the SLU community. Topics explored in University 101 range from diversity and inclusion to SLU's Jesuit mission.

The Student Success Center also offers the major exploration advising office for students who are still deciding on a major and/or career path.

Many students seek the assistance of a career development specialist through Career Services during their freshman year. Career counseling and career assessments can help students understand themselves and how different careers can fit with their career goals.

"When I first walked in I didn't even know what it was that I needed from them. I just knew I was no longer interested in my current major and had no clue where to go from there," junior Bria Kirkwood said. "My career development specialist gave me the tools and guidance I needed to decide on a major and future career that would make me happy. She even put me in touch with someone in the field I was considering, so that I could ask questions and hear about the experience."  

Program Aims to Help African-American Male Students Succeed

The African American Male Scholars Initiative (AAMS) was started last spring to retain and ensure the graduation of African-American male students at SLU. The program provides experiences and resources that create a supportive campus community for African-American male students. All African-American male undergraduates have the opportunity to join AAMS.

Freshmen also have the option to complete an online survey called MAP-Works during the fall semester. The MAP-Works report is used to reach out to students who might be struggling in certain areas and to provide individualized strategies for success.

"It asks questions about many different areas of their life -- anywhere from study skills to how confident they are feeling with their academics, social interactions and levels of stress," said Jessica Perolio, program director of academic support.

But the Student Success Center isn't just for first-year students. The one-stop shop offers academic advising, career services, disability services and student support services. Whether students need a tutor, help writing a paper or tips for time management, the Student Success Center has the tools to assist all Billikens. There are two locations -- in Busch Student Center and in the School of Nursing Building -- so it's easy for students across campus to get the academic support they need.

Last fall semester, 4,589 students received tutoring assistance and supplemental instruction from the center. More than 2,000 students received writing consultations. 

Life after SLU

SLU's support doesn't stop once students find their paths and graduate. Career Services assists students and alumni who are planning for their future through a variety of services, such as:

"There is something for every SLU student to make use of during their time here," Perolio said.