Saint Louis University

Withdrawal, Cancellation & Refund Policy for Undergraduate Semester/Year Programs (Non-Madrid)

Participants who wish to withdraw their participation in a Saint Louis University Approved Study Abroad program (other than SLU Madrid) must provide official notification to the university via certified letter or email ( Participants, not their home institution and/or power of attorney, are responsible for notification. Notification must come from the student and be sent directly to the Office of International Services at the following address (sent certified mail or personally dropped off):

Saint Louis University
Office of International Services
Re: Withdrawal from Study Abroad Program
Office of International Services

3694 West Pine Mall

Des Peres Hall 102

Saint Louis, MO 63103

All application fees and confirmation deposits paid by the student directly, as well as the study abroad insurance fee, are non-refundable, as are the administrative fees. Students also are responsible for the withdrawal/cancellation/refund policy of the host program (university and/or Residential Housing) only if their policy exceeds that of the Office of International Services. It is assumed that the student is intending to study abroad until the date that the student notifies SLU otherwise. Saint Louis University reserves space in the program for the participant upon admitting the student. At this point, SLU incurs certain non-recoverable costs. Therefore, any participant who withdraws at any time after being accepted into the study abroad program will be responsible for the following:

1. Study abroad fee. This fee includes international insurance, International Student I.D. Card, Pre-departure orientation and administrative support. AND

2. Any deposits/application fees paid by the student AND

Cancellation Period

Amount Due

30 Days prior to departure
up until week 2

10%-up to the full program fee (based on non-recoverable costs)

Week 3

20%-up to the full program fee (based on non-recoverable costs)

Week 4

30%-up to the full program fee (based on non-recoverable costs)

After Week 4

100%-up to the full program fee (based on non-recoverable costs)

The Office of International Services determines non-recoverable costs in consultation with the program sponsors.

Participants who defer to another term rather than cancel from a program within 30 days of the start of the program remain responsible for the withdrawal policy based on the deferred date. Students cannot defer to another term to avoid cancellation fees.

Students on a Non-SLU Program (for example, Washington University or IES) who withdraw will still be charged the SLU study abroad fee and the student will work with the program directly regarding their withdrawal and refund policy. The student is responsible for any aid that SLU has paid on behalf of the student. The student must notify SLU and the host university immediately, if he or she decides to withdraw from the study abroad program. If the student has financial aid and withdraws from a study abroad program, he or she also must contact the Office of Student Financial Services immediately, as this change may affect the financial aid package.
There are specific federal, state and University withdrawal/drop policies regarding tuition and fees, housing charges, refunds to scholarship/financial aid programs, and repayments, which result from withdrawal from enrollment. Consult the Office of Student Financial services for all particulars. A credit balance on the student account after a withdrawal would demonstrate a reduction in educational expenses, and thus would prompt a return of funds to the lender to reduce overall debt.

If a student is dismissed from the program due to behavioral, academic, legal, or other problems, no refunds will be given.

The information contained in this policy supersedes any verbal or other written information regarding this policy.

Cancellation by SLU

SLU reserves the right to cancel any SLU sponsored program in a location that is considered unsafe by the University or for which the U.S. Department of State has issued a travel warning. If SLU cancels a program prior to departure, SLU will make every effort to retrieve any recoverable costs. Unrecoverable expenses (airline ticket, deposits paid, etc.) cannot be refunded. As refunds are not always possible, students are encouraged to consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance that can be obtained through many travel or insurance agents. If SLU cancels a program after it has commenced due to safety concerns, emergency, act of God, or other reason, refunds will be determined on a case by case basis.