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Short Term International Programs

Short Term Faculty/Staff Led Programs:
In addition to semester study abroad programs, Saint Louis University offers a variety of short term and summer international programs.  Students participating in Short Term Faculty/Staff Led Programs should work closely with the faculty leader to discuss their pre-departure preparations.

You may search for short term and summer programs here.  

Independent International Experiences:
Saint Louis University students participating in Short Term International Programs are required to register their travel and complete the necessary pre-departure documents through the Office of International Services. International Programs include, but are not limited to, an international program of study, research, service or other University sponsored international experience. The Office of International Services requests that all students complete the online travel registration no later than 30 days prior to departure.

*If you are proposing a program that involves student travel to a country currently under a U.S. Department of State or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention travel warning, please carefully review and adhere to the Saint Louis University Student Travel Warning Policy. Please contact the Office of International Services for additional information 314-977-2318.

Please click on the type of short term international program for which you are preparing to initiate your online pre-departure registration.

Please know that Saint Louis University and the Office of International Services continue to be a support for you throughout your international experiences.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information regarding the pre-departure materials, please contact the Office of International Services.

Annie Cavedine
Assistant Director Study Abroad

Margaret Kessler
Study Abroad Counselor

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