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Spain Visa Service Forms

In order for students to use the SLU Visa Service, they must submit or mail the following documents to Des Peres Hall, Room 102 by no later than, Friday, April 1st, 2016 by 4 pm St Louis time. All photocopies must be completed prior to submission. 

We encourage students to submit their documentation prior to the deadline, in case there are any corrections needed or missing items, they have time to complete or correct any items. Applications that are not complete or have incorrect materials by the deadline, will be returned to the student, as the consulate will not accept incomplete applications or applications that do not meet the requirements set. 

Please note that the documents listed below are specific to the SLU Visa Service, not for students who apply outside of the SLU Visa Service. Students applying outside of the SLU Visa service can use samples and instructions on how to fill our the visa application included below, however it is the student's responsibility to verify with their corresponding Consulate's website regarding documents required and application method, as this varies from consulate to consulate. If not using the SLU Visa Service, click here to view general information on visa application outside the SLU Visa Service as well as a map to access your specific consulate website. 

Please use the checklist below to assure you have submitted all the necessary forms. You may also print off the SLU Visa checklist here. 

  • TWO copies of the Application for National Visa FormComplete one application and then make a copy. Copies must be done before submitting entire application. Illegible applications will not be accepted. Glue (do not staple) one passport-size picture on each of the forms. 
    • Click here for instructions on how to complete the visa application if applying for just the Fall term
    • Click here for instructions on how to complete the visa application for both the Fall and Spring term
    • Click here for instructions on how to complete the visa application for just the Spring term (information will be available in June)
    • Sample of completed generic visa application can be found clicking here (please note that this is a sample, for specific term dates, view the actual instructions included in the links above based on the term you are applying for)
  • 2 Passport style photos: Photos should be 2 x 2, full head from top to bottom looking at the camera, on white. The Consulate will not accept the application unless the pictures are identical and correct. The Study Abroad fee which will be charged to your student account covers 4 passport style photos (2 photos for the program, 2 photos for the student visa) which you can take at the International Services Office (Des Peres Hall room 102).  These must be professional passport photos. NO SCANNED PHOTOS & NO PRINTED PHOTOS ARE ACCEPTED.


  • Original Passport : Submit the original passport booklet, making sure that it is signed and valid for at least 3 months your expected return date to the U.S. It must contain at least one blank page to affix the visa. Non-U.S. citizens will also need a U.S. Visa with I-20/IAP-66 or "Alien Registration Card" (
  • 2 Copies of passport identification page- Along with the original passport, we will need a copy of your passport identification (photo) page. This copy must already be made at the moment of turning in completed paperwork.  
  • Proof of residency in the Consulate's Jurisdiction: Submit a photocopy of a driver's license, U.S. state ID or Voter's Registration Card, which serves as proof of the permanent residence in a state that is served by the Chicago Consulate. SLU students, please provide a copy of your SLU ID.  
  • Proof of Admission and Proof of Medical Insurance: The Madrid Campus will provide students with three letters in Spanish that must be submitted with the visa application. Two of these letters will be on Saint Louis University Letterhead and will prove admission. One begins with the word "CERTIFICA" and the other is an admissions acceptance letter. In addition, an insurance letter from SANITAS will be sent which proves medical insurance. Once you have paid the confirmation fee the Study Abroad Office will generate the letters. You must submit the original letters, no printed copies will be accepted

    • Students using the SLU Visa Service:
      • For students using the SLU Visa Service, the Office of International Services will provide and attach your Proof of Admission and Proof of Medical Insurance when you submit your completed visa application packet as long as you have completed your non refundable deposit.
    • Students not using the SLU Visa Service:
      • If you currently attend Saint Louis University, Missouri, once you have completed the nonrefundable deposit of 200 euros, please email so as to set up an appointment to obtain these documents as well as review your completed visa application and materials to insure that you have all documents needed for your visa application.
      • If you currently attend a school other than Saint Louis University, Missouri: once you are confirmed into the program, you will be contacted to verify the best address where these documents should be sent to.

Consulates will not allow faxed or scanned copies. 

  • Evidence of funds: Provide one of the following documents:
    • Notarized letter of parents/custodians assuming full financial responsibility. Per the Chicago Consulate's website, the document should include a minimum amount the student should be receiving (each consulate may suggest a different amount). The suggesting wording if applying via the SLU Visa Service or via the Chicago Spanish Consulate is as follows "I hereby certify that I, the (father, mother, other), of (full name), will support her/him with a monthly allowance of 532 euros while she/he is in Spain and that I am financially responsible for any emergency that may arise." 
      • Sample of  "Parent Financial Support" for students applying either the SLU Visa Service or the Chicago Spanish Consulate. 
      • Sample of Parent Financial Support for students applying outside of the SLU Visa Service or outside of the Chicago Spanish Consulate. Please refer to your Spanish Consulate's website, regarding suggested monthly allowance. 
    • Proof of financial aid or scholarship of at least 532 euros per month (at least 2128 euros per semester). This statement must be on your university's letterhead and must state that the aid can be applied to the Saint Louis University Madrid Campus during the specific term you will be there. If you currently attend Saint Louis University Missouri, and receive the recommended minimum in aid, the Study Abroad Office will obtain this document from Student Financial Services directly for those students using the SLU Visa Service. 

Click here to access a euros to dollar converter for approximate dollar amounts regarding the quantities listed above. This will allow you to view if your dollar aid amount is close to the minimum euros requirement per semester. 

  • Notarized Visa Authorization Form : This form is included in this document and must be signed in front of a notary public. SLU students may do this in the Office of International Services at Saint Louis University. If filled out before getting the form notarized, DO NOT DATE FORM OR SIGN, this must be done in front of notary.
  • Visa Information Form: When the visa has been issued, the passport with the visa inside will be sent by FedEx to the address specified in this form. In the case of an address change, please notify the Office of International Services.
  • Fee: Please pay here for the visa application fee (consulate fee) and the SLU Visa Service fee. The SLU Visa service fee is $75. The consulate fee, set by the Spanish Government, will depend on if you are a U.S. citizen ($160) or non U.S. ($65).
  • Medical Statement (long-stay only, for visas over 180 days): Submit a doctor's recent statement (issued within three months from the application date), on doctor's or medical center's letterhead, indicating that "the student has been found to be free of any illnesses that may have serious public consequences, as described and established in the International Health Regulation of 2005". 
  • Background check issued by ONE of the following (long-stay only, for visas over 180 days)(depending on method of application this process can take 2-15 weeks to complete. This document must be authenticated by the Apostille of the Hague Convention:

a) State Department of Justice. Original Conviction Information Request Form (from all the States where applicant has lived during the past 5 years). Legalized with the Apostille of the Hague Convention by the corresponding Secretary of the State. Students must contact their corresponding State Department of Justice regarding background check application process.

b) FBI Records, issued by the US Department of Justice - F.B.I. Legalized with the Apostille of the Hague Convention by the US Department of State in Washington DC. Please note that currently the estimated processing time via the FBI is about 15-16 weeks. If timing is of concerned, we would recommend you apply via your State Department of Justice.

Click here to view specific information on Background checks, medical certificates and how to obtain the Apostille of the Hague Convention.

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