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Students Not Using the SLU Visa Service

Students Not Using the SLU Visa Service:

For students who do not or cannot use the SLU Visa Service, please review the following information regarding the visa application process.

Please direct specific visa questions, as well as the official application and supporting documents, to the consulate in the jurisdiction in which you reside.

The following steps may assist students throughout the visa application process:

  • Find the consulate in your jurisdiction here. California residents, please click here.  
  • Set an appointment with the Spanish consulate in your jurisdiction. Some consulates have an online scheduling system, while others request that you email to set the appointment. Please note that consulate appointments fill up very quickly. We encourage students to set their appointments as soon as possible. Setting an appointment far in advance will reduce the chances of not being able to find an appointment later on. If a consulate is full, students will have to wait for someone to cancel their appointment in order to be able to book one. As Consulates are an immigration agency, Saint Louis University cannot intercede on a student's behalf in order to request that a student be given an appointment. 
  • Students must be accepted into the program and have completed the confirmation payment in order for Saint Louis University to issue the official acceptance letter and proof of insurance. These documents are needed to apply for a visa and have to be originals, therefore must be sent via mail. Confirmations payments should be done in a timely fashion to provide enough time to receive the letters via mail prior to your appointment. 
  • Please check with the consulate to which you are applying in regards to how long your passport should be valid; the minimum expiration date required may vary from consulate to consulate.
  • Some Consulates allow you to apply using a legal representative. Please check with your specific consulate if this is a possibility and, if so, how to proceed.

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