Saint Louis University

Graduate Education

Please visit the Current SLU Graduate Students page and review the Graduate Education Catalog for general information about graduate programs at Saint Louis University, campus resources and services, and academic policies and procedures (including academic integrity/ethical behavior, grading scale and policies, matriculation policies, and graduation requirements). Please note that the catalog changes frequently, so you should always refer to the latest version posted on the Graduate Education webpage. 

Withdrawal or Leave of Absence

Students who need to withdraw from the program or take a leave of absence should consider the effects of doing so. Please review the Withdrawing from Saint Louis University checklist to determine if leaving the university is the right decision for you.

Academic Support

We recognize that people learn in various ways and multiple factors (e.g., prior experience, study skills, learning disability) affect learning. Available resources for student success include course-level support (e.g., faculty member, departmental resources, etc.) from the instructor and university-level support (e.g., tutoring/writing services, Disability Services) through the Student Success Center. Students who believe that they could benefit from academic accommodations are encouraged to contact Disability Services at 314-977-3484 or visit the Student Success Center. All inquiries are confidential. Course instructors must support student accommodation requests with an approved letter from Disability Services.