Saint Louis University

Here are answers to the most common questions about SLU Google e-mail. For extensive information about the features and tools available, visit the main Google Apps e-mail help page.


Q. How do I access my SLU Google e-mail account?
A. Log into your mySLU account using your SLU NET ID and SLU NET Password, and then click on the Tools Tab. On the Tools page, you will see the Google Apps link. Click it, and the sign-in page for your SLU Gmail account will open. Log into your SLU Gmail account by once again using your SLU NET ID and SLU NET Password. You can also sign directly into email by going to: and then bookmarking this page for future use.

Q. What is my SLU NET ID?
A. Your SLU NET ID is the first part of your e-mail address before the For example, if your e-mail address is, your SLU NET ID is: smithj.

Q. How do I get my SLU NET Password?
A. Your default temporary password is set to the last six digits of your Banner ID preceded by "Id" (without the quotes and with the I being capital). For example, if the last 6 digits of your Banner ID are 123456, the default password will be Id123456.

For your account's security, you will need to change your password to something only you know. Your temporary password will only allow you up to three logins before expiring. To change your SLU NET Password, go to

Q. What kind of storage do I have for mail and attachments?
A. SLU Google e-mail provides 6GB of storage space for each user. The largest attachment you can send with an e-mail is 20MB.

Q. Can I forward my SLU Google e-mail to a different account?
A. Absolutely. Just log in to your SLU e-mail account. Near the top of the page, you'll see a link named 'Mail Settings.' Click that, and then click 'Forwarding and POP" in the Settings box. Then you'll be able to enter the address to which you'd like your SLU e-mail to be delivered.

Q. How long do graduates keep their e-mail access after graduation?
A. Graduates can use their SLU e-mail for 12 months after graduating from SLU.