Saint Louis University

Echoing the disciplinary and methodological diversity evidenced and valued by its faculty, Saint Louis University embraces and seeks to serve the children of St. Louis in the multiple educational settings and formats available throughout the area.

We recognize that no one educational method or system is best for all students, and that the breadth of schooling options remains one of St. Louis' greatest strengths. We champion student learning and development first and foremost, and we support efforts across the educational spectrum that best enable students to reach their full potential:

  • Public Education
    The University has an extensive history of collaboration with the St. Louis Public School District and neighboring area school districts. We seek to expand our involvement in public schooling in all of its forms - traditional, magnet, alternative, and charter schools -- throughout the metropolitan area.
  • Private Education
    Independent, non-parochial educational institutions serve a significant portion of St. Louis' city and county students. The diverse funding and organizational structures of these institutions, as well as their diverse curricula, often serve as examples of innovation and experimentation from which all educators and community members can learn.
  • Parochial Education
    Anchored by one of the largest Catholic school systems in the nation, parochial education in St. Louis features schools rooted in many faiths and educational visions. The University seeks to expand its curricular and co-curricular offerings to prepare even more students for full range of faculty and staff roles throughout parochial education systems.

Across these diverse educational environments, Saint Louis University endeavors to engage a broad range of its students, faculty and staff. There are obvious, direct connections between St. Louis' schools and the University's teacher- and administrator-certification programs; we seek to capitalize on those connections for the benefit of St. Louis' students and schools, as well as for future generations of teachers and school leaders.

But in both conceptualizing and implementing a comprehensive vision for the advancement of K-12 schooling in St. Louis, the University favors an interdisciplinary approach respecting the reality that education in the schools both complements and is dependent upon a range of social, cultural, political and economic forces. And as a major research university recognized at the undergraduate and graduate levels for excellence throughout its Colleges, Schools and Departments, Saint Louis University serves as a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary resource for school and community development.

Currently, the following administrative departments and academic units contribute to the University's collaborative efforts with St. Louis' public, private and parochial schools:

Administrative Units

  • Student Educational Services
  • Multicultural Affairs
  • Undergraduate Admissions
  • Student Development
  • Academic Affairs

Academic Units

  • College of Education & Public Service
  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • Doisy College of Health Sciences
  • John Cook School of Business
  • School of Medicine
  • Center for Advanced Dental Education

Through over 40 different initiatives, University faculty, staff and students work with faculty, staff and students in schools throughout St. Louis to improve curriculum, instruction and administration; mentor and tutor children; offer health and wellness programming; provide counseling and other support for children and families in need; and deliver a host of related community-based programs and services.

These initiatives are augmented by faculty research efforts that capitalize on the curricular, organizational, economic and cultural breadth of St. Louis' schools for advanced, comparative research in urban community education.