Who is Involved in Sponsorship Activities?

The Office of the Provost has assumed responsibility for coordination and oversight of sponsorship. The Office of the Provost's staff and participating faculty will liaison among charter school leaders and teachers; local, regional and national charter school resources; and Saint Louis University deans, department chairs, and other faculty and staff.

Martha McGeehon, M.S.W, is SLU's Director of Charter School Sponsorship, and can be reached at mmcgeeho@slu.edu


Additional faculty and staff interested in serving as Charter School Oversight Committee members and/or consultants to the Committee are enthusiastically welcomed.

The faculty and staff's expertise -- both directly with K-12 education and within the disciplines informing the social, cultural, economic and political arenas that so dramatically impact the effectiveness of elementary and secondary education - enable Saint Louis University to provide comprehensive sponsorship support to its schools.  

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