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Sabbatical Leave Proposal Guidelines

The purpose of sabbatical leaves is professional development and renewal. Full time tenured faculty members may apply for sabbatical leaves of one semester at full salary or one academic year at half-salary. The university policy on sabbatical leaves further delineates provisions contained of The Faculty Manual of Saint Louis University. 

Please consult your department chair and/or dean for your department, college, school, or center's submission deadlines.

Application Guidelines

The Faculty Manual requires that a full time, tenured faculty member desiring a sabbatical leave must submit an application to her/his unit's Rank, Tenure, and Sabbatical Committee through the Chair (if applicable) and Dean at least 10 months before the beginning of the semester in which the proposed leave will occur. Applications for the fall and spring terms of the subsequent academic year must ordinarily be submitted by October 1; because the course schedule is prepared for the full academic year in December and program administrators must know which faculty members will be on sabbatical leave.

Twelve semesters of full time service since hiring or since the previous sabbatical leave are required for eligibility. For example, if a sabbatical were taken in the spring of 2011, then the earliest date for the next sabbatical would be fall of 2017.  If a sabbatical were taken in the fall of 2011, then the earliest date for the next sabbatical would be spring of 2018.  Priority in scheduling approved sabbatical leaves is based on seniority if resources do not permit scheduling all requests in a given year.

Sabbatical Proposal The application describing the proposed leave should contain the following:

(1) Cover Sheet
Date of initial appointment to full-time faculty
Date(s) of previous leave(s)
Period of leave covered by application
Abstract of leave plans (not to exceed 50 words)

(2) Leave Plans

 Submit a detailed statement of leave plans. Describe fully activities in which you will be engaged (e.g., study, research, travel, writing, or library work). Goals and procedures should be clearly specified. Include when possible the time sequence for completion of individual segments in the plan.

(3) Leave Affiliations  

List foundations, institutions, or other organizations, if any, with which you will be affiliated during the leave period. Indicate the facilities and personnel of particular relevance to your application. Include a letter from the institution with which you are affiliating the arrangements that have been negotiated.

(4) Qualifications for Project

Give background information concerning your previous professional or scholarly work, especially in the area relevant to the application.

(5) Previous Leaves

Summarize the outcomes of any previous leave(s) and include a copy of your last leave report.

(6) Bibliography

List your publications or other scholarly or creative work related to the leave plan.

(7) Benefits to the University

Explain the value of the leave activities in terms of benefits to the University following the leave period.

Application Evaluation

The applicant's Chair (if applicable) or Dean should attach a letter to the application addressing the performance and competence of the applicant to undertake the project. The letter should also explain how the program will cover the responsibilities of the applicant during the leave period and whether any additional resources are necessary.

The unit's Rank, Tenure, and Sabbatical Committee will evaluate all requests for leaves and recommend to the Dean those to be awarded. The Dean then makes sabbatical leave recommendations to the Vice President, Academic Affairs. Leave applications will be evaluated on the basis of their feasibility, appropriateness, and value to the individual and the institution, and with due consideration of the program's ability to meet the faculty member's University obligations during her/his absence.

Upon completion of the leave the faculty member is required to submit a report to the Chair (if applicable) and Dean within one semester after the return to campus.

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