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Faculty Retirement

Faculty Retirement Resources

Regular Retirement

  • Must be age 60 or older
  • Minimum of 7 years continuous full-time faculty service

Phased Retirement

  • For tenured faculty only
  • Minimum of 7 years continuous full-time service
  • Must be at least age 58 to begin phase
  • Must be at least age 60 to complete phase
  • No more than 5 years of reduced workload allowed
  • Must apply by July 1 of year prior to the year you intend to begin the phase
  • Reduction in duties is set by your department and college/school/center
    • May include a reduction in teaching, research, or service
    • Mutual agreement between you and your chair, subject to dean approval
  • Two-thirds, half-time, and one-third commitment options

Benefits for Retired Faculty

  • A University I.D. card which identifies the bearer as a retired or emeritus/a faculty member.
  • Library privileges accorded current faculty. New acquisitions should reflect retired and emeritus/a faculty members' requests to the extent that the respective academic units deem it in their mutual interest to do so.
  • Parking privileges accorded other faculty.
  • A free, one-year Recreation Center membership. Following the one-year, free membership, Recreation Center membership is available to retired faculty on the same terms accorded current faculty.
  • Tuition remission for University courses, subject to the eligibility requirements specified in the Faculty Manual. Tuition remission is also available to the spouse and children of retired employees, subject to the eligibility guidelines available from the University Benefits Office.
  • Access to University events, Busch Student Center, Cupples House, and other administrative or faculty centers of the University on the same terms accorded current faculty.
  • General services at the University available to current faculty (e.g., check cashing, notary, and e-mail privileges).
  • Unit-level services available to current faculty (e.g., computer access and professionally related clerical assistance), assuming these services are sufficient within the unit to be extended to retired and emeritus/a faculty for the individual's and unit's mutual benefit.
  • If maintained, medical insurance through University group plans, billed through the University Benefits Office.
  • Receipt of Grand Connections and Universitas.
  • Liability coverage commensurate with that provided current University employees in those circumstances in which the retired or emeritus/a faculty member is serving as an agent of the University.

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