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Jesuit Tradition & Mission - Why choose a Jesuit school?

There are reasons people are impressed when you say you attend a Jesuit college.

First, we believe in educating "the whole person" -- mind, body, heart and spirit. The more whole you are, the more you can contribute to the world.

Second, Jesuit schools are known for their rigor. We don't so much embrace ideas as challenge them, always looking for larger, stronger answers. As a consequence, not only will you learn to defend your ideas, you will learn to improve upon them, developing the intellectual wherewithal to think clearly, argue pointedly and express yourself beautifully.

And, finally, you will evolve as a leader, acquiring the ethical and moral underpinning necessary to make sound judgments. Through class, service learning and learning to appreciate cultural difference, you will come to see the world -- and your place in it -- as a wondrous opportunity for growth and good works.

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