Jesuit Expressions

Ad Majorem De Gloriam (AMDG)
"For the greater glory of God." Motto of the Society of Jesus.

Cura Personalis
"Care of the Person." A hallmark of Jesuit education from its beginnings.

"More." The term traditionally used by Ignatius of Loyola and the Jesuits, suggesting the spirit of generous excellence in which ministry should be carried on.

Ratio Studiorum
"Plan of studies." Published in 1599 after several drafts and extensive consultation among Jesuits working in schools, this document was a handbook of practical directives for teachers and administrators, a collection of the most effective educational methods of the time, tested and adapted to fit the Jesuit mission of education. The principles behind its directives came from the vision and spirit of Ignatius. The process that led to the Ratio and continued after its publication gave birth to the first real system of schools the world had ever known.

(Taken from "Do You Speak Ignatian,"by George W. Traub, SJ)
Higher purpose. Greater good.
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