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The Five Dimensions

The Five Dimensions of the SLU Experience

The Five Dimensions of the Saint Louis University Experience were derived from SLU's mission and articulate the University's conception of holistic student formation rooted in our Jesuit heritage:

  • Scholarship and Knowledge
  • Intellectual Inquiry and Communication
  • Community Building
  • Leadership and Service
  • Spirituality and Values

The Five Dimensions were intended as a broad educational framework within which measurable student learning outcomes could be developed (the Dimensions themselves are not measurable learning outcomes). 

At the undergraduate level, the adoption of the University-Wide Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes in Fall 2012 was the culmination of this process.  To learn more about these outcomes, and how they will be used throughout the University, please click hereAt the graduate level, an analogous set of University-Wide Student Learning Outcomes will be developed by the University community in the 2014-2015 academic year. 

For information about or assistance with assessment of student learning at the course, program and institutional levels, contact Steve Sanchez, Assistant Provost, at x2611 or


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