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The Walter J. Ong Collection

Physical Collection

The Walter J. Ong Collection is housed at Pius XII Library in the St. Louis Room.  The collection contains press copy typescripts of some of Fr. Ong's books, off-prints, audio recordings, personal correspondence, and additional material.  The material was donated to Pius XII by both Fr. Ong personally, and by the Missouri Province of the Society of Jesus, as per Fr. Ong's request. 

If you have questions about the physical components of the Walter J. Ong Collection or would like to tour, contact John Waide, University Archivist, at

Digital Collection

In addition to the collection housed in Pius XII, some material has been digitalized and is hosted online.  The website for the Walter J. Ong Collection ( includes digitalized material, including audio recording, typescripts, photographs, correspondence, and poetry.  All material is available either as .pdf document or a .mp3 file.

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