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FAQs: Transferring to Saint Louis University

Application Questions

When is the deadline to apply as a transfer student?
We operate on a rolling admission basis. The March 1 (for Fall admission) and Nov. 1 (for Spring admission)
dates listed on the website are for guaranteed scholarship consideration.

Please note that some majors do have deadline for transfer applications. Occupational Sciences and Occupational Therapy requires applications to be complete by Oct. 15 for students seeking admission for the spring semester, and Feb. 15 for students seeking admission for the fall semester.  Also, please note that OT applicants have additional materials to submit in order to complete the application; please contact your admission counselor for more information.

School of Nursing transfer applicants must complete applications by Dec. 1 when seeking admission for the spring semester, and April 1 for students seeking admission for the fall semester.

Is an essay and/or resume required for the transfer application?
Neither is required; both are optional. It is a good idea to submit these if the student is concerned about his or her chance of admission.

What is the minimum GPA that will be considered for my major program?
Different majors have different requirements. The minimum for all admission is a 2.5 GPA; some programs require higher.

When should I apply?
Students should apply early in the semester before they wish to transfer (i.e., students wishing to begin in the fall semester should apply during the spring term).

I received an email from SLU notifying me that my application is incomplete until I send transcripts from XYZ College. Since I just started at XYZ, I don't have any transcripts from there yet. What should I do?
We still need information from that school, such as a transcript showing the course schedule or an unofficial schedule provided by the student.

Scholarship Questions

What scholarships are available for transfer students?
Scholarship information for transfer students is available here.
The minimum GPA required to qualify for a transfer scholarship is 3.00, as calculated by SLU. The Jesuit Transfer Scholarship is the most commonly awarded and ranges in value from $10,000-$14,000 per year, depending on the student's cumulative GPA as calculated by SLU. There is also the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship, which is a stackable award of $1,000 per year for members of PTK (CC Honors organization).

I'm a transfer student but was accepted to SLU as a freshman and received a Freshman Scholarship. Is that award still available to me?
The only case in which a transfer student would be awarded a freshman scholarship is if he or she is transferring to SLU and has not yet attempted 24 hours of college credit and will start here with less than 24 hours of credit attempted.

Transferable Credit Questions

Will credits earned from classes attended at an accredited two- or four-year institution transfer to SLU?
Most general college-level classes in which a student achieves a grade of 'C' or higher should transfer to SLU. A list of previously transferred courses is available here.

The school I am currently attending includes my coursework from a previous school on their transcript. Will SLU accept this as evidence of that coursework?
Unfortunately, we are not able to accept this. Saint Louis University does require official transcripts be sent directly from each school you have attended. They should be sent to this address:

Saint Louis University
Office of Admission
DuBourg Hall Room 119
One North Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63103

Are my high school transcripts and or ACT/SAT scores required for transfer admission?
SLU does not require an official high school transcript and ACT/SAT score if you have more than 24 transferable credits hours. You can find more information about these requirements here.

Does SLU offer an A+ Scholarship?
SLU does not offer a scholarship attached to Missouri's A+ Scholarship program.



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