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Transfer Admission Requirements

Saint Louis University seeks students who are prepared for a challenging academic environment and who are interested in making an impact on the SLU community and the world. All applications are thoroughly reviewed with the highest degree of individual care and consideration.

Application Review

Once the Office of Admission has received all required application materials, the applicant's file is reviewed to determine eligibility for admission to the University. This review is completed during the semester prior to the indicated entry term. Applicants must be a graduate of an accredited high school or have an acceptable score on the General Education Development (GED) test.

An official high school transcript and official test scores are required only of those students who have attempted fewer than 24 transferable semester hours (or 30 quarter hours) of college credit or have graduated from high school within a year of their SLU entry term. ACT or SAT results, sent by the testing agency, are also required.

In reviewing a transfer applicant's file, the Office of Admission examines the student's academic performance in college-level coursework as an indicator of the student's ability to meet the academic rigors of Saint Louis University. This review also serves to qualify applicants for University scholarships. Students are notified of their admission status upon completion of this review.

Required GPA and GPA Calculation

Most of the University's undergraduate programs require at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA) in previous college-level coursework to be considered for admission. Students should contact the Office of Admission if they wish to inquire further about the admission requirements for a particular program.

Saint Louis University calculates a transfer applicant's cumulative, college-level GPA using the information presented on all required transcripts. The GPA calculated by the University (which may not correspond with the cumulative GPA that appears on an individual transcript) is used in both admission and scholarship review.

In general, all college-level grades earned at other institutions are used by the University to compute the student's cumulative GPA. The University, however, reserves the right to exclude certain courses from this calculation. Grades of ''D'' and ''F'' and grades from institutions that do not meet the University's accreditation requirements will not transfer for credit to Saint Louis University but are included in the computation of the student's cumulative GPA.

The student's computed cumulative GPA at the time of application is used in determining eligibility for both admission and scholarships.

Declaration of Previous College Attendance

Transfer applicants must declare all previous college attendance. Applicants who fail to disclose previous college attendance on the Application for Transfer Admission and/or fail to submit transcripts are subject to denial or cancellation of admission or dismissal from the University.

Credit Transfer

The transferability of previously earned college credit to Saint Louis University is determined only after an applicant has been admitted. In general, admitted students will be notified of credit transferability within one month of receiving written notification of admission.

In order to be considered eligible for transferability, previous college-level coursework must be taken at an accredited college of university. In addition, the grade received in the course must be at least a ''C'' or better. Saint Louis University reserves the right to reject the transfer of any credit for which the University has no equivalent coursework.

An unlimited number of credits from four-year colleges or universities may be transferred to Saint Louis University. However, no more than 64 semester hours (or 60 semester hours for applicants to the School of Social Work in the College of Education and Public Service) may be transferred from the community college level.

Students seeking to transfer coursework taken more than ten years ago may, at the discretion of the University, be required to complete proficiency exams, take additional courses or repeat selected courses if the student's continued study would be jeopardized without such remediation. This policy may also apply to coursework less than ten years old for disciplines in which the University has determined the body of knowledge or its interpretation to have undergone significant change.

Regardless of the number of credits transferred, students must earn at least 30 credit hours from Saint Louis University to be eligible for degree conferral by the University.

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